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The 3 Attitudes of Skiing - Page 2

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The centipede was quite happy, until a toad in fun said,
"Pray, which leg after which?"
That worked her mind to such a pitch, she lay distracted in the ditch, considering how to run. -Anonymous

How do you type? Do you think about wrist placement, each letter, order and specific curl of the fingers? Do you look at the screen or the keyboard? Is speed causing you to make more mistakes, or do you go slower and shoot for accuracy?

Picking apart anything can lead to craziness. My ski attitude is just have fun. Each time I go, I lose some fear, gain some skills, have a little more fun than last time.

It's enough for me! I'm simple.
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Reading that article kind of reminds me of a Zen Philosophy. Perhaps we could change heading to " Zen And The Art Of Skiing".
For me, I think I lean more toward the Playful aspect. Watching others ski, inspires me to emulate or play around with a style/ technique that they may have been doing. Diversity, thats the word. Thanks Lisa.

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I'll be using that in my lessons from now on(it isn't copywrited is it?)
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