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Kid's Binding Question

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I ordered my daughter a new pair of ski's online the day after Thanksgiving. The ski package came with Salomon C305 Grom bindings DIN .75 - 4.5. I asked if I could upgrade to a higher DIN binding and they said yes for an extra $10 I could get a 2 - 7 DIN. The ski's came today with Rossignol bindings, but the DIN was still .75 - 4.5!

She is 7 years old, about 4 ft 4 inches and 67 lbs. Her reccomended DIN is 2.5. The DIN chart says that this binding is good for 22lbs to 125lbs.

So, my question is, can she use these bindings up to 4.5and just ask for my $10 back, or should I insist for the beefer bindings?

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Not a binding expert but have had four kids "so far" go through that age period. The new skis? are they sized for two year use? if so you'll probably be fine with the lower din. The sali binding held up well even into their beginning-intermediate park adventures till the twin tips took over our locker! if you are looking for a binding you can remount on skis in two years i would ask for the bigger din. ten bucks!!!!! four years of skiing
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Not sure if I will remount them on other ski's. I guess my real concern is something along the lines of the fact that my DIN setting is 9, but I would never buy bindings up to 9. I have 12's and 14's. Will she be able to ski on them cranked all the way up to 4.5 in a couple of years?
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Certainly not an expert here, but many many moons ago, I used to sell skis. I also talked with the techs alot. We would never sell a binding to someone who would be anywhere near the top or bottom of the settings.

Your daughter's recommended setting is a 2.5. The bindings you have range from 0.75 to 4.5. That is just right. The other beefier bindings start at 2. That would have been too close to 2.5 for us to sell you that binding. Keep in mind that this was 15 years ago (omg, time flies when you're havin' fun), and my experience is limited to two shops.
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Good deal. I have not talked to them yet, but that may be why I got the lower ones.
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Look at the DIN chart and try to estimate where she'd top out over the life of the skis. Bear in mind that longer boot soles translate to lower DINs, offsetting the greater weight and height to some degree.

I was torn between 4.5s and 7s for my then-eight-year-old daughter's new 136s last year, and ended up holding the 7s for the next ones after realizing that she'd be fine in them for her use of those skis.
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Thanks. Yea, these ski's are 120's. I told them I'll keep the 4.5, and they just credited me back the $10.

Thanks for all the input guys!
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