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Kid's Binding Question

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I ordered my daughter a new pair of ski's online the day after Thanksgiving. The ski package came with Salomon C305 Grom bindings DIN .75 - 4.5. I asked if I could upgrade to a higher DIN binding and they said yes for an extra $10 I could get a 2 - 7 DIN. The ski's came today with Rossignol bindings, but the DIN was still .75 - 4.5!

She is 7 years old, about 4 ft 4 inches and 67 lbs. Her reccomended DIN is 2.5. The DIN chart says that this binding is good for 22lbs to 125lbs.

So, my question is, can she use these bindings up to 4.5and just ask for my $10 back, or should I insist for the beefer bindings?

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You can estimate her current (and possibly future) bindings release settings using some published charts, like 'http://coffee.sdsc.edu/din_setting/'.
Of course this is only estimation, but it most cases it should be close to reality. If she really needs 2.5 now (which is perfectly in the middle of range) and you estimatre she will not gain a lot of weight during using these skis (typically 1-2 years for kids/juniors, assuming you upgrade her skis while she growsup/improve skills).

If you feel she can get really bigger or much better skier in 1 year, so that max 4.5 is not enough - probably she will need new pair of skis too.

In any case [from common sence] you'd better be in the middle of the DIN range - not too close to min or max, because middle is more accurate calibration than extrime min/max, and to be able to make appropriate adjustments if you need.

I had similar problem buying package of "atomic race 8 skis and atomic/salomon race 275 [2-7.7DIN] bindings" for my 8yo/50lbs daughter, and ended up buying extra pair of "salomon 305 [0.74-4.5DIN] bindings" for the same considarations - as a III+ type skier she has 2.5 DIN and she will probably not gain enough weight [during lifetime of these skis] to cross 4.5 max margin.
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and if she does not need real beefy bindings - [0.75-4.5] is much lighter than[2-7.5] version.
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