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Skiing in Tremblant in 3 weeks, advice, help.

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We are going to Mount Tremblant in Quebec for New Years. I am a intermediate skiier, everyone I am going with is pretty much beginner, only have gone skiing 1 to 3 times previously.

They are all going to rent ski's.

I want to rent and use snow blades, I have never used them before. A friend of mine has told me they are easier to use then skis and I would enjoy them more. Any truth to this?

Also any reports from Tremblant?
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This info is a few years old. My son went to McGill, so we went skiing a couple of times at tremblant. There is a village at the base, european in style with quasi cobblestone streets with many shops. There are ski rental shops. My son tried snowblades and found them very easy to ski on.

You don't want to ski down to the base as there are only a few lifts, which are crowded. You start and end there. Most lifts leave you off at the top of the mountain, which I think of as a plate. There is a lodge up there. There is a small hut mid mountain, very primitive in services and food, which is quite nice, but not necessarily easy to spot. Check out the trail map. The 'plate' at the top is really crowded at lunch time and it is hard to meet people without VERY specific instructions, despite all the lifts that end up there. I didn't like the feel at the top of the mountain, so never ate up there.

The food is really good. We ate dinner in the village at a cheap spot, had dessert at a creperie and ended up for after dinner drinks at a fancier restaurant. (the drinking age is 18, my son was introduced to porto on my recommendation and I had cointreau)

The mountain is skied on three sides, with lifts that pretty much all meet at the top. Plenty of variety if there is plenty of snow.
If there is enough snow, check out Ryan Haut? or Bas. Can't remember, but is an original trail cut 60+ years ago by the original owner. Narrow, rocky, winding, but not particularly steep. Had the ride of my ski life on it. Only natural snow though.
Have a blast. Hope you have snow. We on the north east have been cut short this year.
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You can check this site:

Click on "chat" and it'll take you to a message board, where you can get advice from locals.
They're not real appreciative of IntraWest there, but then IW hasn't exactly done much to deserve it.
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I suggest going to Tremblant-Insider for accurate information on Mont Tremblant. This site also has a forum, where any questions can be answered.
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The site mentioned above is by far the best site on tremblant and gives you accurate snow conditions etc not Marketing hype from the official site
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1. Bring warm clothing - lots of it.
2. Passport may be required to cross Canadian border after New Years?
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PS; do a search on this site for Tremblant --there have been many threads in the past discussing this very topic
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tremblant is a fun mountain. im heading up there in a few hours with my sister and will of course post conditions when i get back after xmas. i was there around this time last year and there was a ton of fresh powder. my skiis are a bit undersized for me (150 im 170lbs) and they did not give me enough floatation to make it through some of the bigger drifts. i have demo bindings so i pushed them all the way back and put all my weight on my tails to keep the tips from going under. its possible you may run into a similar problem with snowblades.
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the conditions are horrid. it feels like spring skiing. there wasnt any snow on the ground until a good half hour past montreal. it rained friday and saturday making the snow that was there feel like spring slush. sunday was clear and blue. my sister hurt her ankle so we didnt ride but some people who did ride said it was very wet riding. we still had fun, its just really depressing to make a ten hour drive and still find no snow. time to book a ticket west.

for pics:
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Hi gang I run the www.tremblant-insider.com website there. I go under the handle JB007 on the chat room. Here is what the slope reports look like I post up on my message board each day.

Well I was in Ottawa for Christmas night as was very surprised that it started snowing around midnight. And I must say I had the best Christmas of my life last night. It was a grand time.

Well the drive to Tremblant was nasty. 4 inches of snow on the roads and it was heavy and wet. Got to the mtn and was ready for a great day. It was snowing like crazy for a few hours. I would say we got 4" total.

Superior was the best trail. South side trails below the TGV are still really corn snow and death skiing for beginners so please take your time.

Hopefully the temps will drop enough tonight to turn the guns back on. These pics are from over the last 3 days and will show you how greatly the conditions are improving..




[glow=red,2,300]NOW ITW/FORTRESS/TREMBLANTS CUSTOMER SERVICE IS CRAP. THEY ARE TELLING PEOPLE WE WILL HAVE 59 RUNS OPEN TOMORROW AND TRAILS WILL OPEN IN LA SOLEIL. BULLSCHIT!!!!!!!!!!! Yes conditions are greatly improving. Yes the snow guns should be coming back on sometime early tomorrow morning. Yes snow is in the forecast. Yes you will have a good time coming here. But this is the only place you will find the honest truth that your hard earned dollars paid for. Realistically we will have 22 runs open this weekend because he tell the truth and don't count 50' long patchs of ice as a ski trail. [/glow] THINK SNOW 8-)
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