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Sigi, the fox, where?

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I'll tell you another one about Sigi, since you asked, but where to post it? Here, in general discussions? At Paula's?

...lemme know... ....Ott
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During and after WW-II I lived in a little village in Bavaria where our skiing consisted of hiking or more often hitching a ride up a winding road either on or behind a vehicle, milk tractor, bus, truck, etc. to the top of the hill.

This town had several dozen boys and girls in the14-18 year range who loved to ski in the
winter, mostly on the weekends and during school vacations, but toward Spring, when the
days were longer we could even get some runs after school let out a 2 p.m.

Also, some of the most romantic trips,cross-counntry fashion, were in the moonlit evenings and nights, with the snow glistening like diamonds, making a sound unique to cold, untracked snow being compressed under the sliding skis.

Boys and girls would sometimes laugh and chat and then we would break out into a vista
which only drew silence. All the boys looked manly in the moonlight and all the girls were

And then there was Sigi.

Sigi was the most adored, loved and envied girl in town, beautiful, tall, slim, with a shock of long blond hair often worn in a thick braid that reached down to her much admired, mmm-behind, and when she would throw her head around with this big smile on her face, eyes twinkling, you expected the braid to crack like a whip. All the boys loved her, the girls envied her, but generally everyone adored her because she unconditionally liked everyone.

Sigi was also the best skier in this bunch, by a longshot. Once a weekend we would all
assemble on top of the hill which had about an 800 ft. drop if you wanted to traverse back to the road and about another couple hundred to the valley from where you had to walk out. There were many ways down, mostly on farmers fields and meadow where the only
obstacles were occasional barbed wire fences, and when the snow wasn’t deep enough you had to ski through the open gates, or as we sometimes did, build a snow ramp on several places over the fence. A forest of pines and hardwood mix could be skied to the

The reason for this assembly was the fox chase. I don’t want to call it a hunt because a hunt has the death of the fox at it’s end while ours was rewarded by getting to be the fox next time for the hunter who brings the fox down. All was well and good until one weekend when Sigi caught the fox and was going to be IT the following weekend. Midweek after school we were told that the girls were not going to participate because Sigi was going to reward the hunter who brings her down with a KISS....

Oh my, there was a lot of waxing going on, some boys formed alliances of how to sabotage others and all kind of other shenanigans. And who can count the wet dreams by teenaged boys who have longed for a touch or a kiss from Sigi. Heaven....

The rest of the girls strangely seemed to put their heads together with Sigi and giggling a

The day finally came, it was bright and sunny and warm and Sigi came with her hair braided and a lot of varied colored ribbons woven into it, a red ski suit with the front zipper of the jacket just down enough to reveal her skin down to just a peek of her bra, oh, what a thrill...the anticipation of that kiss...

She started off across the meadows toward the woods and the rules were that we couldn’t
start the chase until she disappeared in the trees a couple hundred yards away. It was flat on top and the snow was pretty tracked up so we couldn’t really follow her tracks and we wouldn’t go too fast because the fox would sometimes hide and wait until everybody was past and fool us by arriving after everybody was down and then the fox would get to be the fox again next week.

Sigi took off and partway to the woods yanked a ribbon from her braid and dropped it, then she disapeared into the trees.

We spread out and I started down somewhat left of the crowd and hoped to find Sigi
hiding behind a bushy pine when I saw a colored ribbon on a branch which she had in her hair and hung out as a clue. I made slow sweeping turns looking left and right, I saw
another ribbon, then another and my heart was pounding and I was salivating in anticipation of that kiss and how lucky I was that it was ME ALONE who had picked up her trace....

I followed another ribbon and then I saw it, her red parka flung over a high branch on a tree. I remembered her partially opened zipper and that Sigi was not wearing a sweater. I was sure she was just waiting for me around a tree. I was getting really excited, I mean REALLY EXCITED.

A couple more turns and there was something white on a branch, her bra! She was topless! And now I lost it, after a couple of shudders my excitement left me, I picked up the bra and skied the short distance to the bottom to join the rest of the boys.

And there was Sigi, still wearing her red jacket, with all her ribbons in her hair and with all the other girls around laughing their heads off, at me, I was sure...

As you may have guessed by now, the other girls earlier in the day had put ribbons on
branches all through the woods, red jackets on trees and bras on branches just before the
clearing in the valley.

And every other boy had gone through the same hopes and anticipation that I had, AND NO ONE GOT THE KISS.

I never knew before that you could hate someone so intensely, someone whom you loved
so much.

But not for long....
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Ott, you're teasing! On with the rest of the story! please.
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There are times that I know that I was born in the wrong time and place.

Our era lacks the magic...
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Yuki -

Being in Germany in 1944 is not what I would call an era with magic. On the other hand, I think Ott's story shows our ability to find the magic even in the most unbelievably difficult times.

Ott -

Please continue, you've got us all hooked.
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>>>What happened next?<<<

Well, trying to get next to those perfect curves was a big pastime for us boys...

When I was 17, our uphill transportation on weekends had progressed to where a farm boy using his dad's tractor and flatbed trailer hauled us up the hill and we could get quite a few runs in.

On top of the hill, when Sigi was just standing there before shoving off, or chatting with someone, the boys tried, without being too obvious, to have no one between them and Sigi, because.....

Once or twice a day Sigi would stop over the lip of the slope in a snowplow, fling her poles away and holler "SNAKE" and the boys and girls would drop their poles and shove each other out of the way to get behind her and get to hug her around her waist and the other kids all tried to get in front or behind the boy or girl they liked.

Now you have 20-25 kids in the snowplow, belly to back, holding tight and snaking down the hill, laughing and hollering. Naturally the prized position for a boy would be right behind Sigi because you could actually feel the muscles beneath those curves and you would get to smell her hair.

Though Sigi wouldn't let anyone else lead because the boys always tripped the snake up by crossing their tips and after the fall would try to cop a feel, I was tall for my age and even if I was second in line my hands could reach her hips easily, and she didn't mind as long as they didn't stray.

That was fun, but often several of us would get halfway down the slope and sit on a little bench and just watch Sigi ski past, that was fun also.

No one since my childhood could trigger such fantasies as Sigi could. Maybe it was just teenage lust? (drool )

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Not now, at that time of my life I decided to keep a journal and I'll have to find it to jog my memory. I was in love with Sigi, in a subdued way, having girlfriends off and on, but I somehow always would compare them to her in my mind.

Maybe that is why I find it so easy to write about her, it brings back thos fuzzy warm feelings...

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Definately the beginning of the story since I missed the others. Great stuff Ott and a welcome change.
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Bob, since you missed last years stories, not all of them about Sigi, I'll re-post one of them now, and the others tomorrow, one at a time. Here is the first one, it was about nostalgia, in another forum, Jeff Winship and Bob Barnes were writing about Hannes Schneider and the rest just came about naturally.
Growing up in Bavaria, I remember that my parents gave me for Christmas 1944 my very
own ski outfit, really just a note saying I could have it. So off to our village
shoemaker I went, I was 12 then, and he made me stand on a piece of paper and drew my feet outlines on it, measured the instep height, etc. and said he would get right on them and I could have them in a week.

Then we went to the cabinet maker in the village and he knew how I skied because I had borrowed a pair from him belonging to his son, also my age, who had the luxury of having two pairs of skies, courtesy of his dad. The cabinet maker said he would also have them in a week since he had a number of pre steamed ash blanks, hickory is not known in Germany.

You can't imagine my heart pounding after that endless week of waiting when we picked up the brand new boots, all shiny and brown with the leather strap and a buckle across the front and the square toe. My new skies made me so proud, they had a lacquered
top and the cabinet maker had even put the pitch base on them, all I had to do was iron on the wax.

Leitner may have invented the steel edges by then, but we didn't know about them or need them, we thought, not until we got them.

In the fall my father had cut some nice straight hazelnut branches for poles and taken them to the shoemaker who fitted leather straps to the top, which, along with the skis which had a through slot about a quarter inch by two inches for the bear traps, we took to the local blacksmith who measured the poles and cut them and fashioned a ferule and a square pointy point at the bottom, a hole was drilled where the basket would be and a quarter inch dried and lashed
willow twig circle about six inches or so in diameter was fastened with two criss-crossed leather bands to the nail in the hole in the pole.

The blacksmith put the bear traps on by sliding a steel plate through the slot and bending both sides up to fit my boots, they also had a slot on each side near the top for
the leather strap which holds the boot down and another pair of slots on the side for the heel binding, which were just leather straps with a buckle. The heel was free to come up and when the leather got wet the straps of the heel bindings would fall off and only the wedged boots in the bear traps would hold us in.

The skis would also get wet on every outing and had to be blocked with a wooden clamp at the tail and just before the bend at the shovel and a spreader block under the bindings and a tip spreader fork, held in place with nails through holes in the fork and the tip which had kind of a nipple on it.

Forgetting to do this one day after skiing would have you see a couple of flat boards the next day...

My new skis had a little problem in that, when blocked, one ski was almost straight while the other one was like a bow, which necessitated me taking them to the shed
and wedging the assembly between three fence stakes until the curve was equal on both...

Suffice it to say that on my first day out with my friends I laid down beautiful s-curves which my friends made into figure eights and I never complained about my left
ski being a noodle and my right one a two-by-four, I just adjusted my skiing to compensate.

Now to compare those skis to my 200cm Atomic Beta Carves 9.26: I lay down beautiful s-curves with my wife or my friends making them into figure real difference...

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Hey Otto, As I mentioned before --Does your Bavarian wife have a sister????-. Pierre
has a high maintenance sister-in law and that doesn`t count---.-----------LC
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Hi Larry, I'm the Bavarian, my wife is Austrian and she has three sisters. Two of them ski and the third one is an artist in New York, she doesn't count >grin<.

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Thanks! It always seems to get a little warmer in my office when I read one of your Sigi stories! Where's my wife when I need her?!?
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This is another one of my nostalgia posts from last year posted on onother forum.

Since you all could figure out that I am 67 years old now, I don't mind telling you
youngsters what the uphill transportation was for us at that time..I lived in the foothills
of the Alps but not too far to the really tall mountains.
The village where I lived was in one valley and the next town, which actually had railroad connection to the outside world, was over a hill in the next valley, with about
800 to 1000 foot elevation in-between, I would guess. A road wound over that hill
connecting the two. We could catch busses, milk wagons pulled by tractors, trucks and even horse drawn sleighs, since the road was always snow covered, no snow plows then.

But we weren't allowed to ride inside of any of these conveyances, we had to hang on
behind and catching them was tricky, but we had it down to a science.

We had a long rope with knots in it and a sling on the other end. A half dozen or so of
us on skis would stand in line holding onto the rope facing uphill and our strongest
skier would wait up on an embankment with the sling. As a bus or truck would come by he would schuss down the embankment timing it so he could hook the sling around the bumper or any other convenient place and hold on for dear life as the rest of us were jerked into motion. Going uphill they were doing 10-15
mph I would estimate.
After some hilarious initial attempts we learned that the weakest skier had to be on the end of the rope, and the rest of them, graded up to the best in the front since we found out that if a weaker skier was in front and would fall he would take the rest of them
down with them, but if he fell off at the end, oh well, catch the next one...
Since all the bus drivers and truck drivers were the same local ones all the time, they
would watch for us and play games, like breaking hard when the skier came off the
bank so as to have him hit the side of the bus and then accelerate trying to run over his skis, but it never happened, they were dealing with agile teenagers..the sling was
undone at the top after everyone but the first skier let go, he would hand over hand up to the bumper and hold onto it while he undid the rope.
Well, that was our rope tow (wouldn't lawyers over here have a field day with that one).
From the top of the hill we had a beautiful glade for about 500 ft vertical and then a
traverse back to the road.

Oh the fun we had... Some weekends we would strap our skis to the side of our bikes and pedal a couple of hours to the real mountains for some real adventure, but that is another story..
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This is the last article repeated from last year's posting on another forum:
When I was 16 in 1948 I bought a pair of real skis with money from working after school, they were Laupheimers and were laminated and thus would hold their camber, and had steel edges, those four inch strips
held with wood screws to the skis. Also they had Kandahar cable bindings which could be either skied heel free or could be hooked down near the heel. The first time I saw bamboo was when I got the ski poles, they were great.
Our local ski hill with a rope tow powered by a farmers tractor was not challenging and had hordes of little kids on it and adults who kept hollering at us to slow down, bummer. So we continued our hang-on adventure
during the week after school. About every three weeks we had a school sponsored chaperoned two day bus trip to the mountains for skiing, plus I got to go during school holidays and vacations with my best friend's
parents since mine were non-skiers.
But the best was on weekends when a bunch of us, boys and girls, went to a mountain a couple of hours by bike away with a little village in the valley. Our parents figured there was safety in numbers since there were
usually 14-16 of us so we had one night without adults...

This mountain had a hut on top at the Alm, an Alm is where a farmers cows are driven up to in May and they stay there grazing until September, with a couple living in the hut and milking daily and making cheese. The drives, both up and down are done with a lot of hoopla, the cows decorated with flowers on their horns and big bells around their necks. The huts are left open all winter with firewood and all utensils intact and anyone who uses them must leave them the way they were found .
We would leave home right after Saturday school (half day until 11 a.m.) and start climbing the mountain by 3 p.m. It was wide open from the top to the bottom and it meant traversing for four hours to reach the top.
Some of the richer kids had skins, but we poorer ones just buckled a short thong around the skis just ahead of the binding making the
bottoms ice up, kind of heavy but we didn't slip backward.
Now I must make you aware what motivated us: there was Siglinde, Sigi for short, a tall lanky 16 year old beauty with a big blonde braid down her back, always a twinkle in her eyes, who could out ski us all and all of us boys were smitten with her if not even in love, as I was. There is nothing sexier than a beautiful, graceful girl who skis better than you do...all the boys went because of Sigi and the rest of the girls went because the boys went...
It would be dark when we got to the hut and after making a fire cooking and eating supper from the supplies we brought up in our packs, some horse play and telling of stories and singing some songs, we went to sleep on blankets over straw, boys on one side of the room, girls on the other.
Sunday morning it was a snowball fight, girls vs. boys, which ended up by all the boys tackling Sigi and the rest of the girls jumping on the boys.
Once I was first to tackle Sigi and she wrestled me to the snow, not that I resisted much, and she straddled me kneeling over me and stuffing snow into my face while I held her hips and rocked them back and forth
pretending to want to get the upper hand....

For weeks there after I had fantasies about me and Sigi which still make me blush just thinking about them. Then it was time to clean the hut and get down the mountain, probably a four mile run. Sigi would lead
followed by the boys, watching her stretch pants tighten on her great figure with every turn, and trailed by the rest of the girls.
It was exhilarating to make new tracks, only crossing our uphill traverses, hootin' and hollerin'.
We would ski right through the church cemetery to the front door of the church, lean our skis against the wall and went to mass. After lunch we packed up and biked home...
Though it seems now like a lot of trouble to go through just for one run, but we got more satisfaction out of that than the constant up and down all weekend at other places...
It was all Sigi's fault....... ......Ott
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Now this is not boring. I want to hear more. Is Sigi Blonde? A real Blonde?

If it holds snow-It can be skied!
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Lars, yes Sigi is a blond, the hair on her head has always been blond, anything else I can't confirm (I wish, >sigh<).

Now folks, lets hear some of your early ski expiriences...

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Ott these are great stories , I'm glad your willing to tell them . It puts a little more perspective on the history of skiing for those that haven't had the chance to hear these things.
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I'm bringing these stories forward, just in case Weems didn't find them or others want to read them...

Enjoy.... ......Ott
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Wow, Ott. These are so incredibly wonderful. Thanks. I'm especially thrilled because I'm the proud father of 14 year old triplets, and have been watching them go through their snow and mountain adventures in the same way you describe. (except there are no Sigi's on the scene yet as they are lowly freshmen in high school, and all the girls have discovered the upper classmen!)

But it's wonderful. At night they go sledding down Fanny Hill, and ski or snowboard all day. Before Buttermilk was open, they would climb up and build jumps and do rail slides on the snowboard racks at the bottom.

And there is always a group of about 6 to 15 of them, that all grew up together and are becoming men/boys together.

I hope their memories of all this is as vivid and terrific as yours.

This is very moving for me, as well because it brings back the adventures of my own childhood with my brothers and girlfriends. I'm sure it has been the same for all of your readers.

Again, Ott, what a nice gift. We all thank you,--some one said in prior postings--and I agree--that this is the REAL magic.

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14-year-old triplets? You lucky guy! They are just the age now whereupon you love them with mixed feelings of apprehension and delight, enjoy them while you can, too soon they'll fly the coop.

I'm glad you enjoyed the stories, so did I while writing them. When you are my age you start digging up the old journals and pictures and reliving the old days of heartbreak and joy.

Actually, while going through my journals I am surprised of how many ladies I had a crush on, often at the same time, seems I was an equal opportunity lecher but I had fun.

Oh those raging hormons when you are young...

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You write,
"Actually, while going through my journals I am surprised of how many ladies I had a crush on, often at the same time, seems I was an equal opportunity lecher but I had fun."

hmmm. Sounds like a ski instructor!!

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Yep! ...Ott
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Someone asked about Sigi and I went looking. A bump to the top for Ott's Sigi!!!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> A bump to the top for Ott's Sigi!!! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

...which is right where it belongs, Powdigger! These stories are great--I will never tire of them!

Hmm--Sigi on top...maybe we'll get Ott's imagination going again!
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Here's a bump for a great thread that's been buried for over 5 years! We just opened up the premium articles collection to finally allow supporters to interact with the articles and authors. There are several more Sigi stories there, and I was just reviewing some of the classics.
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Has this guy Ott written a book?

would seem logical...
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This thread deserves a bump and a feature for Throwback Thursday. 

@Ott Gangl  - Thank you for the Sigi Stories

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I am glad folks on this forum still remember my Sigi stories, they were specifically written for readers of this forum with no plans beyond that. Thanks Trekchick for the bump.


As an update, Ann's knee replacement left her without any problems and though she turned 80 this year, she will be able to ski without favoring that leg which she has done with that knee problem before, essentially making both turns with the good leg. I missed her so much last season.


I am 81 now, getting fatter, lazier and balder now but still looking forward to skiing a couple of day a week when the weather is nice albeit mostly in local or nearby hills. We still have our RV that we used to drive to Colorado or NM or Utah, too much of a chore now.


Also, I have been wedeling on this board now for eleven years but you will have to stop this when I die in ten or twenty years or thereabouts.


Greetings to everyone.....    ....Ott

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Great to see @Ott Gangl here, and a fun memory to re-read a Sigi story.  Thanks to @Trekchick for the bump.  I had been thinking about this since @Pierre  showed up and began posting again this month.

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