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Life in Lake Tahoe...

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For those of you clicking on the thread looking for clues as to what life is like in Lake Tahoe...sorry. I am in the same boat as you. I have the opportunity to possibly move to Lake Tahoe after I graduate from college. Being a skier, with a love of the outdoors, and a healthy appetite for the party life,(I am still in college ya know) I am wondering if this might be a good place to live. Does anybody have any insight into cost of living, information about living in Lake Tahoe or anything that might help? Any recommendations of similar locations in CA, Nevada, Utah and Colorado?

Keep in mind I have lived in Vail, Colorado for two months during the summer.
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I guess the pros and cons would be thus:

North Shore has more resorts (Sugarbowl, Boreal, Donner Pass, Royal Gorge, Soda Springs, Alpine, Tahoe/Donner, Squaw, Northstar, plus relatively easy access to Homewood on the West Shore and Incline on the East Shore). That said, NLT seems to be a bit quieter (Truckee is pretty quite and old school frontiery. 3 bars, I believe, most of them local "dives"). I have heard that Tahoe City tends to skew a bit younger and be more of a hot night spot, but keep in mind that the Sierra's version of a hot night spot is vastly different than a hot night spot in NYC, Miami, LA, SF or London.

South Shore has easy access to 4 resorts: Heavenly, Mt. Rose, Kirkwood, and Sierra. It also has gambling (half of South Lake Tahoe is in California, half is in Nevada). This presents more ample access to a party scene (Caesars has a club that routinely gets major name musical acts) but also more tourists and the stereotypical casino crowd (i.e. a lot more people milling about who don't ski or really do outdoorsy stuff). There is a lot more hotels/motels and eateries in SLT than probably Truckee, Tahoe City, Kings Beach and the other smaller Lake Tahoe communities combined. In regards to Lake Tahoe, SLT is the metropolis.

So, it would all depend on what you're hankering for. Do you want a somewhat quiet and idyllic situation with hiking, biking, water skiing and minimal party atmosphere (North Shore) or do you want casinos, and all you can eat shrimp buffets?

Another option would be Reno, the biggest little city in America. A few folks on these forums live there and could probably give you some insight into the pros and cons.

Have you considered Whistler?
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By "have the opportunity," do you mean "have a job"?

The common thread with all the Tahoe area is that it's a great year-round vacation spot. Mild, boat and bike-friendly in the summer. Pretty in the fall. And skiing from roughly Thanksgiving to Memorial Day.

Cost varies depending on where in the area you are. As a general rule, South is cheaper than North, and further from the lake is cheaper than closer (with the exceptions of enclaves around the ski areas).

Partying appears to focus on South Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City, and Truckee. Possibly a couple of places on the North side of the lake in Nevada, but I don't know them well.

Here's a crazy idea -- why not figure out a way to spend your spring break out here? Get a cheap place with a couple of friends and ski a couple of places. You know, try it on for size.
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Originally Posted by alpinedad View Post
By "have the opportunity," do you mean "have a job"?

Yes, the spring break idea is a good one. I might have to do that
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I live at the Top of Kingsbury Grade, (for the non locals, Nv rt. 207)
It is not not cheap here.
Rents start at $775 a month for 1 bedrooms, and can run into the thounsands for 3 or more bedrooms.
If you want to buy, homes start around $350.000 on up into the millons. as per thel loacl for sale magazines.
Reno , Carson Valley, not as much, but still very costly.
Yes lots of partying to be had in so. lake tahoe, from the local bars, to what the casinos bring in. Ceasers has changed it's name, to Mont. Blue, they always have something going. Sammy Hagar has a Cabo Wabo here , and the place rocks. More so when he drops in to check on things, and thats at least 2 ttimes a year.
As another stated, spend your spring break here, and to get a feel of what the media has to say, http://www.tahoedailytribune.com/app....dll/frontpage
you'll have to register your name, but it's a decent little newspaper

Summers bring major congestion, with all the visitors wanting to spend a day/ week on the lake. Winter , i have seen and been stuck in grid lock after a huge dump, due to the non locals not knowing how to drive or chain up. And everyone either trying to get to a resort or the heck out of town.
As for eye candy, lots of it.

Some will say why do i live there? It's the wife's job that brought us here just over 3 years, from Park City. We thought theat was exspensive,,, This neck of the woods has it beat.
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I wish I was in your shoes!

Hey, you're young, go for it, forget the spring break looksee!

We rode the gondola at Heavenly with a guy who did JUST what you're planning, he worked all spring/summer/fall, and skied (no work) most of winter, 3 years and loving it.

Then again, Tahoe is not the only ski town...

Just don't live in Reno, it is not Lake Tahoe...
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I lived in Tahoe (off Kingsbury) in 1991. I arranged a gig at Heavenly in advance, and lived in their employee housing. It was one crazy season. I moved to San Francisco at the end of the following summer, but always look back. I think it was perfect for a season at the least.
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The more I research Lake Tahoe, the more I think I might love it! The only thing I have to do there is try to get an assignment there.
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What skills do you have? My college roommate had a pretty sweet gig dealing blackjack at a casino in S. Shore & basically took off every winter quarter. He ultimately graduated from college in 7 years. Nice work if you can get it...
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Just do NOT live in Tahoe City. The alll night noise level of that place is beyound belief. Do you enjoy the 4am-6am reverse alarms of snow removal equipment?
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and so when is snow removal suppose to take place? in the middle of the day? with all the traffic?
I get a kick out of people, they rent ski in ski out lodging, then cry about the noise of the groomers or snowmakers. yet if this wasn't done at night, then the next day everbody would cry that the runs weren't groomed.
Or they cry, because the parking lots /roads didn't cleared the night before.Because someone doesn't like all the noise in the early morning. Ever heard of ear plugs?
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Originally Posted by Gpaul View Post
Just don't live in Reno, it is not Lake Tahoe...
I would say live in Reno do NOT live around tahoe.

Sure it's beautiful but can you say BOOORRRIIINNNGGGG. Tahoe is plenty close enough to Reno to get all you need out of it but you can live in what's a surprisingly nice little city (that's way way nicer than it's rep and really nicer than any other small-medium size city I've seen out West) with perfect weather, lots of outdoor people, plenty of young partiers, lots of hot chicks (UNR is in town) and lots of stuff going on all Summer. Fall and Spring are absoultely gorgeous. Reno's got it's issues but they are not not as bad as people think - I expected the worst when I came here 3 years ago but was surprised beyond belief at how freaking nice it is compared to every other small city I've seen out West. There are parts of town that are downright beautiful - not all parts of course (the ghetto/industrial areas North & East of downtown & East of the Univ specifically) but name a city out West that doesn't have that. If I were as young as you I might want a bigger city to play in but Reno's got plenty to do and it's literally a day trip, mtb, hike, ski, outdoor base camp mecca. Rents, contrary to home prices, are very affordable and jobs are easy to come by.

Unless I lived lakefront (which is impossible) I seriously would kill myself if I lived in any of the towns around the lake or even Truckee.

If you really want to be ON the lake then the only real option for a young guy is South Lake Tahoe/Stateline NV which does have some good bar scene nightlife (probably better than Reno) - but it's obsviously more of a tourist town nightlife than Reno which is more of a hometown city nightlife with a little kick from some tourists (not sure which you'd prefer). For every other aspect of living I'd say Reno has quite a bit more to offer. They both have some crusty casino clientele strolling about. It all comes down to what YOU like though. I could live in both but for the right mix of jobs, people, restaurants, weather & daily living Reno is light years better for me.

Drive times to good skiing from Reno:
Mt Rose - 15-20 min South Reno, 25-35 Minutes North West Reno
Squaw/Alpine Meadows - 50-60 min South Reno, 40-45 min NW Reno
Heavenly - 1 hour
Kirkwood - 1.5 hours clear, 2 hours if theres snow
Mammoth - 3 hours

What kind of work would you be looking for? My wife could help you find a finance job no problem if that's your thing. Anyway, if you need any info or have any questions feel free to PM me.
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