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So sorry to hear that. Best wishes on a speedy recovery.
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Best wishes
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Sorry man, that sucks.

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I hope you get better soon but you should'nt push it. Take this year off and get in shape for next year. I've broken a bunch of bones but none of them on skis. It has alway taken me a year to get back to normal and feel comfortable pushing it physically.Take care and take advantage of your wifes sympathy.
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yeah, this is a bit more serious than just a fracture or break. Get better for next year.
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Into one's life some rain must fall in order to water and spring forth hope eternal.

Hope you get well soon. (scratch that!).
Hope you get well now!
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Ya know, I had to re-read your post about 3 times to gather that the little nagging premonitions weren't actually related to the main break.

I hope, for your sake, that is the correct reading.
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That Blows!!!

That blows!

Cranmer huh go figure! That run sketches me out every time. If its not the bad snow conditions it's one hell of a people run packed full of knuckleheads. I bet that ride down the pass is you won't forget too soon. Well wish you a speedy recovery. Looking forward to different type of reviews!!!

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Here's hoping for a complete, speedy recovery, Noodler.
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I'm really sorry to hear about your misadventure. If there is a silver lining may be it is that we will have more time to benefit from your posting here.
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I am so, so sorry!! Heal well and look forward to a strong comeback next season. Sounds like you're in good hands.
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Ya know, Uncle Louie may just have to reconsider a Let's Go Colorado 3.5, just so we can get you out on the slopes again! Sure hoping your leg heals well and you're back skiing soon!
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That really stinks! I read your post 3 times, and it made me cringe more each time.

Hoping you have a complete and speedy recovery.
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Noodler - let my add my "that sucks" and speedy recovery wishes to the rest of the Bear gang. I'm glad your noggin/neck are intact and hope that the bionic Noodler will be stronger, faster, better !!! Please keep the posts coming. My guess is "virtual" gear reviews from you would be better then actual from most.

Hang in there - Charlie
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: : : I'm really sorry to hear that.

I'll pray for your rapid and complete healing.
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Can I add a #11 to my list? I think that you should lobby your wife that with all the money you'll save on gas, food, gear etc this winter, that a trip to South America after you heal up is in order!!!
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A very unfortunate accident. Be agressive but be wise in your rehab. That's some major damage and you want good bone healing and union. I hope that Epic Ski will help get you through the season.

BTW, geeting a pat-down every time through airport security is not a big deal. With two hip replacements it happens to me every time.

Heal fast, Si
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Oh no Noodler, so sorry man. Take good care of yourself and start visualizing next year back out there!
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Well wishes to you Noodler and I think a LGC III apres dinner with you and your family is in order come April!!!
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Get optimistic! You still have a chance to catch end of the season – early April! I am talking from the last year experience, just start you physical therapy as early as possible and do all exercises they will tell you. Check with your doctor, you might be able to start some moves even as early as in 3 weeks.
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Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery my internal hardware airport detained brother.
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Noodler, I"ve printed all of your reviews which I refer to often since I'm a grear whore but I didn't print this last one. I wish you a speedy recovery & will make a few turns each day just for you (Probably not as smooth as yours would be though) Will be thinking of you.
Dick B
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Count your blessings, reflect a little more over the Holiday season and post often. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.
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So very sorry to hear of the injury!! Heal quickly!
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Really really sucks.

Done my share of major rehab. Just takes equal parts of obssessive-compulsive disorder and masochism. Oh, and an understanding wife. So betting you'll get some nice late spring runs in.

Does this mean I get to go buy some Stockli XL's for your psychic support?
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The Bionic Noodler,
God bless you in your recovery and return, which we all know you will.
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Bionic Noodlers new theme music....

All of you fans of 1970's tv should like this one...

Get well soon buddy!!!
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Ouch! Sorry to hear your out for the season.
The Bad news is you havea broken leg.
The Good news is you have more time to post on epic.
Hope you have a swift recovery.
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Sorry to read about this awful accident Noodler. I cannot even imagine what you went through with such an accident.

Unfortunately I read this after I read about you pulling out of the ESA, so my suggestion to get together before the ESA is out of place.
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Good luck with your recovery and rehab. You'll be ine and on skis again before you know it.
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