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Vail Conditions 12/3

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Yesterday was really good for early season. The groomers on the frontside are in fantastic shape. The N. Woods area is skiing really well-N. rim had a couple of scraped spots hear and there but otherwise was excellent.

Back Bowls were good in places too-not much open there yet but Yonder area, Milts Face,The Slot among others were really nice. No major dings on the boards.

Very cold in the am and blue bird skies+good quality snow. It has been cold enough where the sun really hasn't made anything too cruddy. China Bowl is supposed to open today (the rumor on the hill). One more round of storms and a whole lot of mountain will be opened. Already there is plenty of terrain to keep one busy for the day.
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Thanks, Ill be at BC & Vail next week.

Do you think they will open more terrain, there is no snow in the outlook.


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TWC predicts some snow starting this weekend..it looks like a Pacific flow-so Vail should get their share..

Next week should be great..plenty of terrain already and more to follow I am sure. have fun!!!

It was awesome last weekend when a predicted 2-4" turned into 10" or so
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We were their on Sunday, Sure was a fine day!
Sun Down Bowl was nice,hiked Ptarmigan Ridge & found some nice un tracked areas. Great season so far!
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