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I tried this boot on today (Storm). I had hoped for great things, and the boot fitter was very enthusiastic about the boot. But I had a boot on one foot (Head 8.8L) that felt great and basically the Storm ID had all kinds of hot spots from the instant I put it on. He told me that once it was fitted they would all go away. I told him I didn't see the point of going to that extent with the boot when the one on my foot was close to perfect (and a half size smaller) already.

I guess I have a Head foot. I tried the Dream Thang 9 and the S9L and they were pretty good, but the 8.8 was close to the comfort of my current, well broken in, boot. I go back for heat fitting and custom liners tomorrow.
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Sibhusky, Feet are all about comfort, and we all have different feet.
My feet are narrow and have had a difficult time finding a boot narrow enough for my heel that leaves enough room for my toes. The Krypton Storm hit the marks for me. Glad you found the Head for you.

If your feet aren't happy, your whole body isn't happy.
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The ID liner is a custom mold. It will NOT fit out of the box. For him to even try it on you was a mistake. He would have been better off to put you in a regular liner to get a feel for the fit and flex of the boot, then if you were comfortible there, do the ID. With that said though, if the Head fits you, go that way. For the most part, it doesn't matter what is on the outside of the boot, its how it fits on the inside.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
The ID liner is a custom mold. It will NOT fit out of the box. For him to even try it on you was a mistake.
I must agree with this.
I got these boots because of frustration and a recommendation from Phil.
When I got them I tried them on and immediately thought, Ugh, these things are terrible.
Phil said, get them thermo fitted and you will be amazed. He was right. Completely different feeling! Completely different boot!
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My wifes initial impression (she will ski them tomorrow)

Boot: Krypton Storm (non ID)

Fit: Liner: fit perfect right out of the box. This is the forst liner she tried that had a tongue strap to pull it into place. Buckles: 10x easier to buckle than her old Flexons, she hated those bails so much she switched to a Dalbello NX 8.2 for a season last year.

Flex: The Storm was a tad soft for her, I put in the upper shim in the rear cuff. She immediately said t felt like her old Flexon.

Heel Pocket: What she missed most about her Flexon was that middle buckle pulling her foot into the pocket. This Boot does that again. She likes that.

Overall (at this point): She will stay in the stock liner and try that. I do have her Thermoflex ones if she chooses. I know I have been unsatisfied with the mens stock Dalbello liners, but the three women in my family have been very happy.

History: 20 years on snow, in Raichle Flexons for 12 of the past 13. last year in Dalbello NX 8.2 w/ Thermoflex liners.

Skis: (current) Volkl AC2. (previous) Volant Vertex 68, Volant PowerKarve L 73, Prior to that, straight skis Dynastar X8, Rossi 7S, Pre M4, Pre Electra SX.

Skiing style: Advanced but passive. Will ski the whole mountain, but doesn't attack. Prefers cordouroy blue and blacks.
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Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
Bahnoff is not around anymore that I know of
the main Ski Shops in the TC area are, Don Orr(tried and true) Brickwheels, B-Extreme(snowboard division of brickwheels) and Boyne NorthCountry Sports.
I remember DonOrr used to sponsor the old movies on Sunday night. We loved watching those when we were kids. And Bahnoff was right in down town TC, wasn't it?
Don Orr is still in the same Chalet on M-37, just west of 3 mile. Jeff was super to deal with. I'll definitely go back.
Bahnhof continues to operate its Petoskey, MI, shop, in addition to the western outlets (Breckenridge and Park City), I believe. It had a couple of different locations in Traverse City way back when. One was downtown and one was south of downtown on Union Street. I can't remember which was in what order in terms of years of operation.

Boyne Country Sports in TC was the Bavarian Village outlet here before Boyne bought out BV. Boyne continues to operate the former BV outlets downstate in addition to the shops at Boyne Mountain and Boyne Highlands.
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