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Binding width question

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Picking up my Nordica Blowers this week and have an opportunity to get some Look P 18 wides for a great price. Width of the Blowers = 110mm and width of the P 18's = 105mm. Only 2.5 mm diiference on each side, so should it be a problem to bend/pull the brakes a tad wider? Thanks!
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First off, GREAT ski choice....

The binding brake will obviously have to be stretched, as you stated....the only thing that you will notice is when you "lock" the skis together with the bindings, the new angle created by the bend will prevent them from locking securely, and the ski tips may slide around....get yourself a long, velcro band, and you should be all set (this is only a problem for carrying or hiking with them on your back, anyway....)

Good Luck!
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just give it a pull and should be fine
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