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powder over groomed

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have just returned from whistler trip, i am an intermediate 5'11'', 100kg, took my own skis atomic 918s these are great on the groomed but seem to go in alldirections on soft powder over groomed even if its only a couple of inches deep. I tried some bandit xs but found them a bit soft, I fancy a pair of 11.20s can anyone recomend a ski for this purpose, most time is spent on piste. :
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well, you're on a "carving" ski for one; it is designed to turn, pretty easily. technique flaws in powder, even just up to the top of your boots, might really get things lively. if, for example, you've got your skis as far apart as you do on the groomed, those turny edges will wanna catch and do what they're supposed to do.
i mean, these aren't powder skis but at the same time they ought to be skiable, certainly; so maybe it's a technique issue. IF you're going to look for a ski that you'll do well (or better) with all over the mountain, in varying terrain, you might want to consider a wider(and/or less sidecut),less "turny" ski.
there are many sources of helpful info on the web re skis, and skis for different purposes.
the 11.20 would be a more suitable ski for powder/off-piste but if your technique needs a bit of work anyway it won't be a whole lot easier than the 9.18. (It IS "officially" a
More Demanding Ski.)

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I agree completely with ryan. I was going to answer the same. nice observations, ryan!
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Hi AndrewS;

I ski Whistler plenty, and demoed a pile of skis a couple years ago before settling on X-Scream Series. Despite claims of them being expert skis, they work as well for anyone but beginners. Seems you'll either love or hate Rossi's, and I hate 'em. You are the same size as me, so I'm not suprised by your opinion of them. Atomics are a terrific ski, and I would highly recommend the 9.22's for Cdn West Coast snow, which is quite different than the dry fluff in the interior.

How's your technique? Are you used to skiing in snow rather than on it? Not dissing your abilities at all, but sometimes a short lesson can make all the difference.

Hope you had a great time in our fair land!
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the 9.18s were noted to be "grabby" off piste by some evaluators.
As to technique I can tell you I'm a level 5 skier and at Whistler in Dec. the tons of fresh made my technical flaws stand out big time and I have so called all mountain skis. In particular I found that 5-6 in of heavy fresh required fairly symmetrical edging if I was going faster than "slow". Damn near scared the crap out of myself when I entered an almost virgin run full of 6" at speed. Didn't eat it but close. On groomed I don't experience that.
skidoc :
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Skiing well in powder is one of life's most noble & rewarding pursuits. Bon voyage!
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Intermediates cannot ski powder well. If you want to ski powder well, you must improve your groomed technique. Then you won't be an intermediate anymore. And you will be able to easily ski powder. I know that's not very helpful, but you need to take some lessons.
9.18's are fine in powder.
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While I've never really skied powder I have to agree it's the one thing I want to do someday. With less than 30 total days of skiing under my belt my brain and legs are not educated enough to handle it yet. I've dabbled with untracked deep at Whistler in Dec. and look forward to the day when I'm able to attack it as opposed to avoiding it. I take regular private lessons and while I'm still improving there's alot of work to be done. It is amazing how much you can get away with on groomed compared to deep snow! I think that everytime I pick myself out of the snow after crashing in what looks like friendly conditions.skidoc [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Welcome to Epicski.

Looks like you got lots of good advice. I'll add my nod to some lessons and work on technique first. Don't be suprised if your instructor takes you all over easy groomed snow first to "look and fix" some flaws before venturing into the powder.
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