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New Goode ski modifications

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Does anyone know what the new modifications Goode is making to thier skis is all about. Apparently they are adding weights at the shovel and tail. I wonder whether this is sound engineering or whether this is a fix for bad design? It is an option and for now once made, cannot easily be removed. They are supposedly looking at a removable weight system for the future. I am looking at a pair of Posh 80's.
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Demo the skis. I demoed some Goode skis at Bristol last year.
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The weight is to take a bit of the skitsiness out of the skis, from what I understand, it will be on the narrower skis 74 and under. I don't think you will see it on the Posh's and Vision's.
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so goode made a very light ski, some people didn't like it, so they added some weight.

so now what is the goode claim to fame?

"where" the lightest ski around?

demo and make sure you like them, some people do, some don't
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Originally Posted by mntlion View Post
demo and make sure you like them, some people do, some don't
I have really tried to like them. I have demoed the 68 and 74 and just could not warm up to the ski. They felt like 'fake' skis, like synthesised music. The only one that still intrigued by the Vision 96 to replace my Seths.
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I didn't like any of the ones I've had, demoed.

same thing, and they where bounced around on any change in snow. I think thats a reason to add the wieght, then why pay the $$$ anyways.

I want to coompare the scoop to my spatulas
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are their water skis just as light?
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I have a pair of Vision 96's on the way. I will post a review to compare against the Seths. I am hoping there will be enough snow at Stowe to try them
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damn Phil, you are seriously afflicted.

unless you scored those skis for free or discount.

i have been intrigued by Goode since I "discovered" them a couple of seasons ago. But only 1 shop in SLT carries them and they only carry one or two models and don't demo.

that said, a shop here in the Bay Area did tell me that if there ever were any "boutique" skis I was interested in demoing to let them know. They said that Goode had been bugging them and would only be too happy to send out some models for interested customers to try.
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Long time lurker - thought I'd add my two cents. I'm 53, 185 lbs, 6'0. I've been skiing since I was 11. I've skied AT exclusively for almost twenty years. Have not worn a true pair of alpine skis or boots in that time, although with each passing year, AT continues to get progressively closer to the performance of alpine. In my quest for lightweight, I came across a review of Goode Carbon 82's in "Couloir" magazine. Curious, I found them for demo in the Mammoth Mountain shop two years ago. Tried them on a deep powder day and loved them. I bought a set of 176's with Fritschi Freerides from Bentgate Mountaineering in Golden, Co. At first, they did seem squirrly and hard to control on ice or crud. But, I realized, it wasn't the ski. It was my usual bad form - sitting back. Once I learned how to ski them, upfront in the driver's seat, they are truly awesome. Yes they are light - really light. Yes, they can get thrown around, but this is remedied by driving forward on the fronts. If you lean back, they will catch air under the tips and want to wander. Great ski in the bumps, really an easy turner. For the steeps - the really steep - they are incredible. The easiest ski to jump turn ever made. I truly believe they have transformed my skiing. I always was capable in just about any conditions, but never willing to try the extreme steeps. Now, bring it on! And... the real beauty is in uphill skinning. The difference between these light weight carbon beauties and anything else on the trail is remarkable. Unfortunately, on any backcountry trip, I end up getting most of the trailbreaking duties because everyone else fatigues on their heavyweight gear. I've been skiing the Goode Carbon 82s for 2 years now and have about 100 days on them. They continue to be incredible performers. Torsionally stiff and with a true progressive flex lengthwise. Last year in the Sierra, we had so much powder, that I began wishing for a wider version. I purchased the 182 Goode BC 95's with this year's Freerides. Just getting to know this ski, haven't taken them out too often because we're in a drought in the Eastern Sierra. I'm waiting for a true powder day to let them reveal their colors. On the groomers they are fast! They don't have as short a turning radius as my 82's so they are not as good in the bumps, but that's not what I bought them for. For those that are curious, try to demo a pair. There is a definite learning curve, but I'm a believer!
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