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Metro Denver Ski Buddies

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Hey Guys,

I recently moved to CO and, so far, have been shocked by the lack of people I know that are hardcore skiers. Shocked like Johnny Ringo was when he found out he had to face Doc Holiday... Anyway, I thought I would post here before giving skicarpool.com a whirl. Bears are a little more select group.

At a minimum, I'm looking to carpool from N metro Denver or at least Road Cut to Summit County just about any day of the week, early in the morning. I've got a CO Pass, lessons at Breck Thursday - Sunday and a flexible schedule. If nothing else I'm happy to be dropped off at Frisco and ride the bus to Breck, as long as I'm picked back up at some point on the same day.

Friends that ski (even snowboard) would be an added bonus.

Friends that ski hard stuff and have a CO Pass would be terrific. I generally ski trees, bowls and bumps, but I'm not opposed to groomers ocassionaly. I'm working on my TP stuff, but that's just a peripheral skill I'm trying to pick up.

If you've made it this far, you must be somewhat interested, so post or PM me and we'll work out some details. I'm planning to ski Breck this week, unless a better offer comes along.

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Dan, also register on tgr (if you haven't already), and check hookups forum; lots of Boulder county mags.
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Not sure I'm great carpool material - live in Lakewood and tend to get out around 10:30 or 11. But I ski the hard stuff and have the CO pass...be glad to hit some bumps n stuff with ya.
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