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Avy Beacon Advice

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I'm an east coast skiier who recently moved out west and now has the need for an avy beacon. Which beacon would you guys recomend? Are they all basically the same or are there certian features I should be looking for?
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bmordski, I moved your post to backcountry because that is where we have many discussions on beacons and their use. There are excellent threads here and here that should help get you started, but basically, you are looking for a beacon with a digital signal processor (DSP). These beacons are easy to use and can even be advantageous for pros. Good examples are the BCA Tracker, Mammut Barryvox and Pieps DSP. There are others compared in the review by Jonathan.
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Take a basic avy class. You will learn about beacons -- and a whole bunch more. Then pick your beacon...and probe...and shovel...etc...
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
Good examples are the BCA, Mammut Barryvox and Pieps DSP. There are others compared in the review by Jonathan.
I seem to remember seeing/hearing some good comments about the Arva digital as well. I have a Tracker - like a gazillion other non-pro types.

Still, priority one should be taking an intro class...
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I was just going to add, when you are ready to buy, become a supporter, then PM powstash for a 15% discount at backcountry.com. It will pay for your membership and more. Also use the Backcountry.com link off Epic (see the Partners tab) so a small comission gets paid to the site.
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I have a BCA Trakker. It's fairly easy to use. I've heard some people say that the ortovox's are easier, but its all personal preference.

Most importantly, DO NOT BUY ONE ON EBAY or something like that.

Pretty much, just don't buy one used, unless you know the owner, and the beacon's history.

They are pretty durable, but still, its just not something you want to take chances on.
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