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Tell me about Alagna, Italy...

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I was wondering if anyone had skied Alagna and what they thought. I might have the chance to go in spring and considering it hard.

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Go for it

Alagna is great, though I'd mention three caveats:
  1. It's not particularly North-facing, so the late-season snow might not match up to what you'd find somewhere else (hello Andermatt).
  2. The best terrain is accessed off the smallest cable car you've ever seen. On weekends the minimum line is like 50 minutes.
  3. You need a guide. I recommend Armin Fischer, who is half American/half Austrian.
Let me know if you have any more specific questions. Good writeup in Where to Ski and Snowboard, including lodging options. I think they have some of that info on the web somewhere too.
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Originally Posted by prickly View Post
Good writeup in Where to Ski and Snowboard, including lodging options.
I have the 2002 copy of that book... did they ever print an updated version since then?
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I think they do one every year (Norton Wood).
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You might consider going to Gressoney which is one valley west of Alagna, but is connected via lifts to Alagna as well as to Champoluc (next valley west of Gressoney). The area is not as snow sure as some, but Gressoney starts from a higher base than Alagna and you can get to the snow by staying high. There's a ton of pisted, lift served skiing across the Monterosaski area. If the conditions are favorable, there are unlimited off piste options. Check in with Carlo Cugnetto in Gressoney, www.guidemonterosa.com. They can do a variety of off piste combinations of lift served, touring and or/heli-ski. Carlo's family runs a very nice hotel at the bottom of the lifts in Gressoney which makes for a great base to work from. They do a great one or two day trip to Zermatt and back using helicopters and lifts, all off piste. A bit out of the way and very uncrowded; Gressoney gives you access to some amazing terrain and huge verticals.
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europe's warm

oh crap! This does not bode well for my Feb vacation to bad gastein!
Alps experiencing warmest time in 1,300 years
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Yeah, I should issue a blanket warning to anyone thinking about coming to the Alps this winter. Snow: there ain't none.
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It started to snow seriously a day or so ago in many areas. The season is late starting over here but might still be rescued. Alagna village, however, is quite low and sometimes you have to come down the lower section of the cable car to get back.

Alagna is sometimes called the Italian La Grave. When I first skied it it was all off-piste, but 3 years ago they put in a piste down the main valley and upgraded the main lift. Some purists feel that the piste ruined the wild feel of the place and the main, previously pristine valley, but it has been good for the village as more skiers ski it.
They also closed one high drag lift which gave access to some of the off piste (for example the notorious Punte Victoria). However there is still loads of challenging off piste to do there,especially if you also ski the (generally easier) other 2 valleys.

The villages have many extemely beautiful old houses in a style unique to the area. The clock of the baroque church strikes the hour right through the night. Slightly too much use of polenta in the local cookery for my taste (a friend of mine said " How can a country that produced Michaelangelo and Leonardo also produce polenta!")
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Too late to alter my previous post but here is a traditional house above Alagna.
And I did one heli drop there.
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How now...

Originally Posted by prickly View Post
Yeah, I should issue a blanket warning to anyone thinking about coming to the Alps this winter. Snow: there ain't none.
A week changes everything (scroll down to webcam shot).

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