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Am i safe buying these skiis??? V-Karma

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A local shop is selling last years volkl Karmas for almost $150 less than this years BUT they only come in one lenght of 185cm. I'm 5'10" (178cm) and the skiis are 185cm. I ski east coast now (with few trips out west) but when i go to university next year i want to go somewhere west coast so i want to be prepared. Only problem is i've never had such a long ski they've always been about nose height and this is about half my head more than me... is this ok??? will it be good for allmountain, groomers, crud, occasional ice and occasional park and maybe like playing in the bumps once every few outings.

Advice needed.... oh btw i'm 150lbs and very advanced

oh and i am 17 so i THINK i am still growing...
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You should be fine as the Karma skis short anyway.
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You really belong on the 177 length, especially if you plan to do bumps and park. $150 is not much of a discount for last-year's skis. You will not get a second chance after using them. Better get what you want. My friend Michael wrote this review last year, and he nailed the size perfectly.
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Originally Posted by staffpro View Post
i'm 150lbs and very advanced
youll be fine
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Buy the 185cm and ski them. If for some reason they seem too long take a hack saw and cut them down to a 177cm. (However, this will take away your ability to ski backwards)
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I am 6-1, 185 lbs and ski the 185cm. You should go shorter in my opinion.
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His ablility makes up for his size.

Ever seen Eric H. next to his skis. he 5'8" 145lbs and his are 193cm and fairly stiff too nobody says they are too much ski 'cause his ablity makes up for the rest. 185 on a med-soft ski plus a twin tip should be fine for a "very advanced skier" even if he is only 150. Plus he is 17 and you old folks often forget we young'ns charger harder and faster (probably since we are stupider)
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I'm 6-1 200 and I ski the 185s and found them some work...I'd go shorter..they'll own you in the bumps..
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Too big.
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I'm 165, advanced+, and owned the 177's, found them just fine. A mag review from a few years ago said, accurately, that you don't gain stability much from going to the 184, but they're a lot less quick. If you want to do GS arcs on the ice, you're looking at the wrong ski, anyway...
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i'm 5'11 185 and I ride the 177.

i like 'em fine and ripped it up on crusty windblown pow off the T-Bar at Breck last season and was able to make my way through bumps fairly easily (I suck at bumps, though) and they gripped decent when I ran out on the hardpack groomers/mild ice runways back to the lift.

I have minor wishes that I'd tried the 185 just for comparison, but the 177 seems decent enough (the main reason I didn't try the 185 is that I skied a 185 in the Atomic M:EX and it was pretty clumsy and felt overly long...albeit that is a ski that tends to ski short).

At any rate, the Karma in the 177 I found to be rather stable at speed and manueverable.

I would concur that the 185 might be a little long and would say you should hold out for the 177.

Out of curiosity, how much is the shop selling the 185's for?

And if you're looking for a 177, a shop here in SF has a pair of last year's (Mountain West Sports 415-552-7055)

After going back and reading Mikes review of the Karma, I think I made the right choice with the 177. I'm roughly his height and when I have my ishit together I'm pretty close to his weight, but on the whole I'm probably not anywhere in as good a shape as he sounds to be (i.e. I'm not doing an hour of aerobic exercise a day). And while I'm no bump ripper, they worked fine when I do venture into the moguls. Quick turning and no tail catch.
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Thnx everyone for the answers. looking at all of your specs alot of the ppl skiing the 185's are like alot heavier than me so i am leaning more to just spending the extra cash and getting this years. My options as to where to purchase are quite limited as I live in Canada and buying from anywhere in US and shipping i will get raped with brocker fees on such an expensive item. I'm limited to buying from sportsliquidator (based in BC) which has the 2007 177cm for 569$ american dollars which is'nt that bad... the shop that is selling last years is selling them for 499 Canadian. I have look P10's on my old skis, should i upgrade to look px 12 or just keep bindings and save money, they have about 100+ days on them, but i dunno i migh give them to my bro.

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I'll say it again you will be fine on these skis and for 499 CAD anybody should be fine on those skis thats a good deal on some nice skis. Also unless you plan to be a scrawny looking kid for the next few years I think your weight will certainly increase and you will want a bigger ski. The bigger ski will float better, mostlikely be stiffer and will have better balance for sticking drops. If you are truly a very advanced skier then you will have No problem skiing these. I mean do what ever you want, its your money to waste. I just hate the idea of nice skis sitting around for really cheap with no one buying.
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If you are decommisioning the old skis go ahead and transplant the P10s.
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If you mount P10s you will have no problem later upgrading to P12 or even 14 as they use the same hole pattern.
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since this has come up, what are the major differences between the P12/P14 and the PX12/PX14?
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I think the P-series differs from the PX-series in the same way as Rossi Axial and Axial 2 are different (P being the older version). P series and original Axial are on turntable heels and have a relatively short mounting length becuse the heel screws are right under the boot. The PX Axial 2 uses more forward pressure and is predominately mounted behind the boot. I think the new design could matter less to most people, but there were a lot of folks upset with the re-design of this very popular and functional binding.

Bottom line is you can mount a P 12 in the P 10 mounting holes, but not the PX series. Also, what DIN setting do you use. Chances are the P-10 is fine for a lighter skier, assuming you don't have tiny feet. If you ever need to upgrade due to the din being too low, you might as well go straight to the P-14 or Axial TI 140.
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I was just wondering as a shop here in SF has the P12 bindings for 175 (less 20%) as opposed to PX12's for 199.

i just need to scoop up 3 more pairs of bindings and am "bargain" hunting and wasn't sure what the P series was (only had heard of the PX).

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