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Kicking Horse SX10's

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Went up for the weekend to Kicking Horse for opening day.

Rode the 8800's for the first day and first half of the second.

Once things got tracked and packed, I found the 8800's were alot of work for tired legs and just don't like to do those small little turns that make steep packed powder really fun. They just want to go fast and big so....

I grabbed my SX10's and hoped I had the legs left for them. Woo hoo I had so much fun, I think my 8800's are going to stay for snowy days from now on.

we hit Fuez Bowl just after it opened and I was really questioning my intelligence of dumping my 8800's.

I chose a nice place to do a 3 - 4 feet drop. Took a deep breath and jumped. For sure they are a tricky animal in the softer stuff but if they are kept turning without much chance to relax and track they are great. I think the 165 length is part of this.

On the runs that had been skied a few times and were now just packed powder they were a dream. I could make them go anywhere I wanted. Took no effort on really steep stuff to get edge. I could hop and turn on a dime and bang off quick turns the whole run and not feel burnt up.

Without doubt for fast large turns / bash through everything skiing the 8800's win hands down, but when the legs get tired these SX10's are my best friend.

Did some long groomer runs and what can I say, are you allowed to have that much fun? longer shorter, carve hard or soft they are just effortless.

I turned the speed dial up a bit at the end of the day and I'm not sure if my legs were just done, or if they got skitty.

I know my 8800's at those speeds would have only just begun to wake up and would have felt rock solid. I do think it was tired legs as I didn't trust myself fully to engage the G forces these can dish out at those speeds.

I did runs that I did on my 8800's and on the SX10's and I have to say I had more fun on those pitches on my SX10's once it was tracked and packed than I did on my 8800's.

I don't count this to be that one ski is better than the other, but rather they just behave and want to be skied completely different (obviously)

The 8800's need speed, legs and strength to let them shine. going slower or smaller turns is alot of work.

The SX10's however can be lazily bopped along holding their edge effortlessly, letting one enjoy the terrain and the act of skiing a bit more.

Each has their place, there is somthing to be said for going crazy fast down nasty terrain bashing everyting in sight into submission & something to be said for smooth easy precision.

I now think that if there isn't a tonne of fresh to be had I will be spending more time on these SX10's than I originally intended as they just make it so easy, let me go exactly where and when I want and are just a howl to whip around making small turns enjoying all the terrain features a hill has to offer.

a few pics from this weekend

Who says these can't go here?
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welcome to the club ---SX 10's rock!
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