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Holiday Valley Will Open This Week!

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To those in the area, I copied this off their website:

"Holiday Valley Mountain Ops Update 12/4/2006 From Steve Crowley, Director of Mountain Operations

Snowmaking is going full bore and we're receiving lake effect snows as of Monday AM, so we're poised to open this Thursday or Friday, Dec. 7 or 8. Keep checking the web site snow report often for updates. We're running 150 guns on Mardi Gras, School Haus, Candy Cane, Laurel, Punch Bowl and Yodeler.

Our 10 chair lifts have all been serviced, some have been repainted and all are ready to run, along with our handle tow and boardwalk. New and more uniform signage has been installed on the trails and in the parking lots. The Tannenbaum/Yodeler parking lot has been resurfaced this year along with new black top at the Mountain Sports Center, main lot exit along with improvements on the Chute road.

The snowmaking system has been tested and the additional pumps are set to go. Snowmaking began on Saturday night (12/2) with temperatures looking favorable through next week. Warmer temperatures during the daytimes may cause the snowmaking system to shut down for a few hours but will resume each night. The crew is looking forward to some windows of opportunity with “wet bulb” temperatures of 24 or below. With these conditions, the system can operate at maximum water flow, when over 2 ½ acres of ski trail can be covered with a FOOT of snow in ONE HOUR! That is DOUBLE our former capacity and will enable the crews to cover more acres sooner, giving the Grooming crews more snow to work with to get terrain open. If all goes well and Mother Nature cooperates we can look forward to the start of skiing this week!"


See you there
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HV built the 65 million gallon reservoir on the top of the mtn which I believe increases their capacity quite a bit. Plus more guns. Throw in a few lake effect storms and conditions could shape up pretty quick.
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We have temps in the 40's tomorrow but Thursday is looking like some Lake Effectsnow all day with some hefty accumulations.

Next week looks like warmer temps coming back though.
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So who's going this weekend?
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I might be going tomorrow. If not Saturday for sure. You going Greg? I guess today was epic. 6" of fluff over groom.
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The gf and I are thinking about going early. We have a commitment that evening, but can easily ski until 2:00 or so.

EDIT: BTW, I am referring to Saturday. Let me know if you will be there.
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Was going to go today, but will be there Saturday with the fam. Trying out the new knee and skis! Semi nervous.

Heard the Mardis Gras chair puked at about 4:00. Had to lower riders down.
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Will do Greg. Leaving in a few minutes. Snowing hard here probably going to be a slow ride.

Mardi Gras chair broke with probably only one or two patrollers. Downloading must have taken forever. Glad I wasn't on the chair. Welcome to opening day huh?
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At least it does not happen very often. They keep things in good shape.
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I'm thinking about heading down tommorow. We got about 3" this morning here in West henrietta/Rochester, and I didn't put the snows on the car yet, or I would have gone today. No classes on Friday all winter is going to be great...

Went in for some minor boot fitting on Wednesday, turns out my footbeds were not trimmed properly and the liners were never thermoformed (I seem to recall asking about this when I initially purchased). They took great care of me this time around, and everything feels great now. So far I appear to be a relativly easy person to fit, the tech says "you're in there as good as a lot of the racers" (I'm sure i could do better w/ more time and investment), but I may have to have the shell punched a bit in a few spots. Traded in an old pair of boots and for a new pair of poles, still trying to get the price tags of them...damn stickers.

Looking forward to trying out all my new stuff!
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Just got home from a very pleasant first day of skiing at the Valley. There wasn't much open but early skiing found some nice fluff over a nice groomed surface.

Early into the afternoon, the conditions got pretty sketchy to say the least. The only saving grace was that it snowed hard on and off most of the day keeping it somewhat skiable.

Two slopes, Yoedler and Mardi Gras with a loop through the punchbowl section of Tannenbaum made it a very routine day. Other than skiing and riding the lift with some old friends, it was hard to stay focused on the fact that I was really skiing again. The snow guns were blasting and making good snow as the temperature never got above 20 degrees, good quality snow.

My insider advice if you are planning to ski there tomorrow, ski early, quit early. There will be more open terrain, perhaps the Cindy's chair and the Tannenbaum chair will be open with trails surrounding them open as well. Today had discounted rates, tomorrow will be full price, got a season pass, don't worry about it. More advice, ski to the side the snow guns are. The coverage is good, the far sides you will bottom out at times.

warning, don't ski any of the closed trails. The snow might look good but it hasn't been packed yet and you will damage your equipment and your body besides losing your pass for the season.

All in all it was skiing and much better than sitting in front of the tube wishing you were skiing. One more thing, next week calls for temperatures in the fourties all week with rain. If you want to ski, better do it this weekend.
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Oh its on

I'll be the guy in the red coat skiing on Nordica SLR's... with the intermediate gf... If you see me, say hi.
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When I was six (1960) my father would dump the kids on the Sugar Plum rope tow and leave us there to figure out how to ski. We soon graduated to the Tannenbaum tbar, which we had a heck of a time holding down without enough weight to keep the spring from lifting us right up.

From there it was race camps on the Eidelweiss rope tow.

It amazes me how the place has grown. Have fun this weekend!
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Went today. It was sunny and cold until this afternoon. Uncrowded. They were running Mardis Gras, Yodeler, Sunrise and Cindys. Coverage was some of the best I have seen for day 3 as well as number of slopes open. They were making snow around the area until about 1:00, when it did start to warm up. There were a couple of rails and boxes at the bottom of Mardis Gras. Take Lars advice about closed trails.

It looks like it will still be good through Tuesday. I am going to try for Monday AM.

It was my first time out since ACL & MCL surgery in April. I was getting used to new boards and did not ware a brace. I took it pretty easy and had a great day.

Looking forward to the next time out.
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