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The Pennsylvania Polka!

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Well its finally happened. I have been conscripted to be with the family in Pittsburgh this year for Christmas. The flights are arranged and I'm not going to be able to back out. The good news is for Tahoe, it will nuke snow like never before. Make your reservations now for the best powder skiing of the century. Well the whole family together, and an opportunity to ski 7-Springs. Do I hear gathering?

I'm wondering whether to bother taking skis. I'm pretty sure I can travel light with just a set of carvers, and leave behind the shovel, probe, beacon, avalung and skins. I dunno. What would yinz do? :
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Calling Bushwacker and Roundturns!!!!

You can head down to Snowshoe or over to 7 Springs. I am not sure if the back bowls of 7 Springs will be open yet.
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hey phil I just skied at Keystone saturday, Loveland yesterday, and I am thinking about going to Solitude tomorrow while they figure out my papers at snowbird.

As for CR yeah I would take some skis and go up to springs with your daughter. I think you need that back country stuff so you can look really "core" at seven springs.
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Yeah, the avalung could be used to filter all the cigarette smoke
I was wondering if it would be necessary to turn at 7 Springs, but then I remembered there might be a few people on the slope.

Anyone got a hookup on lift discounts for the holidays? (supressing snicker)
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Snowmaking is in progress at 7S, I wouldn't be surprised if some backside runs were to open this weekend. The temps are trending upward toward mid-month. If temps drop into the upper 20s overnight they'll continue snowmaking. The Northface should be open barring any major rain event.

Give me a shout out, I'll be off the entire week and would love to meet and ski with you. I think Holiday rates will be in affect the entire week, $48 7AM to 7PM.

Bring your 165 cm sl and be prepared to shave some ice.
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Seven Springs will be full on by then except some glades. Cirque, you may be suprised, there are some lines you won't straight run. If you like tight, rutted, icy bumps, you may enjoy trying to keep up with the locals on the front side. They make it look easy.

I'm really bummed I won't get to meet/ski with you, I'm going to be in New England around Christmas.
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
I'm going to be in New England around Christmas.
I will be at kton for Christmas and New Years.
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Phil, I'll probably be tied up with family stuff in Mass near Boston, Christmas. Just up there for 4 days. I'll let you know if I can break out for a day at Killington.
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Seven Springs has the cleanest restrooms of any ski area that I've ever been to.

They really, really do.
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Yuki, that rocks! I have never looked forward to time out in the lodge as much as this trip. :

Rodney, I grew up on skiing Ohio, PA and Western New York. Sadly I'm familiar with the conditions and realize my disadvantage. I'll be packing diamond stones. (sure hope I don't need to pass them in those fabulous bathrooms).

December 20 to 27. I will plan on bringing some gear. It would be nice to get together if anyone has time and inclination to ski during the holidays. Those ticket rates look fairly reasonable compared to Heavenly's $71.
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PM me. I can prolly hook you up with half price tickets. I just have to be there when you are. I am planning on skiing several days during the week between Christmas and New years. BTW depending on what it open I can show you where to have fun there.

I will also be there the week before so definitely PM me.

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Madeline and I will be burning some spare vacation days up at 7S the week before Xmas too.
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I'm going to hijack Pierre's 7-Springs gathering thread in hopes of getting a group together during the holidays. All we need is a date. So far it looks like an even distribution between maggots and bears. What is the world coming to?
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It all starts this Friday at 9 AM, OPENING DAY! Look forward to meeting up with you. I will be here throughout the holiday period. Hate to see you have to buy tickets, but I'm not connected to get you comped.

Didn't know the temps were supposed to elevate in the next couple of weeks, but I expect snowmaking to take place throughout the period when temps are low enough. I maybe heading your way mid January. Working with a consultant the lives in Truckee. I hope to arrange some skiing out of that.
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Cirque, PM me as well, between SpringsReg and I, we should be able to hook you up. I'll be there everyday.
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Got the allstars and 1 posi drive screwdriver read to dial you in if you make it up here(don't you have family in boston too??).....I'll be in the MWV after xmas tho.....
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
Well its finally happened. I have been conscripted to be with the family in Pittsburgh this year for Christmas. The flights are arranged and I'm not going to be able to back out...
lol... it sounds like something from Dickens to become an annual read around the fire. A soulful story, one that speaks to the real test of the Christmas spirit; placing family first and quiver last.
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Taylormatt and SpringRegular, PMs sent. Looking forward to re-learning ice technique.
DonDenver: when dealt spoiled grapes, make wine.
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I didn't mean to get your hopes up. You can't always count on ice. Sometimes it's warm and wet, often soft and fresh untracked lake effect + fake effect in the little groves of trees between the slopes. You will have fun. The carvers are a good call, no need for quiver here.
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