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that sweet sound!

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of guns just fired up at Yawgoo Valley....how do I know...

Cause I can hear em!!! (I'm about 1/4 mile away as the crow flies)

The battle is on, who opens first wa wa or lil ol Yawgoo?

my money is on Yawgoo: a little snow on the ground from last night's clipper and snowmaking snow will stick nice and 240 vert not a lot to cover

Planning wa wa Sunday for day 1 with the fam and maybe a couple bear buds...perhaps a couple laps at the ol goo first?

Do the goo:
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I thought the sweet sound was the bombs going off in the morning that shook my condo near the base of The Canyons when I lived there. Best alarm clock ever!

But if there was a second sweet sound it would be the guns ablaze!
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sweet sound for me is my computer beeping to let me know I got another snow watch email reporting record breaking snow at baker
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