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Which Park City area this thursday

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I get to SLC on Thursday morning and intend to do Quick Start free skiing at one of Park City areas. I was intending to do DV as it's the most expensive, but based on small bases and warm weather this week, I thought I better check if anyone has personal knowledge as to which one has best conditions. After that will ski Cottonwoods. However, I was thinking of skipping Snowbird as I hear it takes more snow there to cover up rocks and stuff and by then I assume there 37 inch base will be down closer to 30in. Make sense? We only ski 4 full days. I was thinking of concentrating on Alta and Brighton as I hear it takes less to have decent coverage.
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Temps are expected to stay coldish (w/ inversions) with only slightly above freezing daytime temps on thur-fri with very cold nights. That should keep the snow in good shape all week. The snow is about as consolidated as it's going to get and I wouldn't expect much more shrinkage. Cold nights actually recrystallize and fluff up non disturbed snow. Coverage is actually OK in the PC areas, as the runs are all smooth dirt in the summer and there are less rocks to cover. Snow quality was excellent Sat/Sun. The Canyons advertises the most open and the deepest depths (47"), but that's 'cause they measure @ 9990 vs. mid mountain at the two others. Snowmaking also mitigates the high traffic runs but that stuff is crap to ski on (don't know how the EC folks can take a season of it).

Don't go to Snowbird unless you plan to ski only groomers. Alta has far better coverage and just seems to ski better this time of year. Brighton is OK, but mobbed with pre-teens.

Small system due in by Sunday, more impressive systems afterthat with no let up in sight during the 14 day forecast window.

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I've been looking at the GFS models which have been consistently showing storminess after I leave from this trip on Tuesday morning. The good news is that I come back with my sons on New Years eve for 6 days of skiing. So the snow after I leave will still help me.
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powdr, do you know if brighton tends to have better skiing than solitude in these conditions? Comparing their web sites gives big thumbs up to brighton.

I'm coming with kids(16 yr olds) for Friday, are one of the PC areas a truly viable alternative to the Cottonwoods(for long groomers). After studying the PC maps, it looks like The Canyons is good choice for "skiable runs", they have open 103 runs, and if it is not a rocky place, then that might be a good pick for 1 day of my 3, watcha think?
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Brighton *might* be the better choice, as the snow is a bit deeper there than at Solitude. The high snowboard count there might be more condusive to scraped off coverage, though. Mid mountain depths are somewhere in the 40" range, so stay on the marked runs.

As for the PC resorts, all have snowmaking (and have been blowing 24/7 for the last two weeks) so high traffic runs are fine, but a little hard (by UT standards). I did hear something about pipeline problems at The Canyons, rendereing 1/2 the mountain out of commission for snowmaking (that was last week - could have been fixed by now). PCMR has ~50 runs open with surprisingly good coverage and about 15 of those with snowmaking. I skied all weekend there and never once hit a rock, including ungroomed bump/steeper stuff. No one on the mountain (except Sat) helps preserve the snow too.

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Hey Maui Steve--Skied DV on Sat. and PCMR on Sun. DV does not have a great deal of the mountain open, but on Sat. the snow was in (comparatively) good condition everywhere. Of course, it was opening day, so probably not fair to compare to PC, but DV was in way better shape and I ran out of energy before I ran out of terrain, even with limited access. .02$, that's all.
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Thanks for the info. I will have flown all night from Hawaii so don't need the whole mt. anyway. Looks like this trip is shaping up to be early spring skiing.
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Originally Posted by Maui Steve View Post
.. Looks like this trip is shaping up to be early spring skiing.
It won't. Sun angles are far lower this time of year and the snow gets preserved for far longer periods of time. You might not get fresh powder (unless you are willing to skin for re-crystallized fluff), but it won't be spring slush. Just skied down hard pack.
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