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Portillo, Chile

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I'm starting to do some research on Portillo for a possible trip this summer. Anyone have recommendations as to the best time to go and find good snow? Right now, we're looking at early August.

I'd also be grateful for any travel tips/suggestions from folks who have been down there before.
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JGB, Spent 8 days in Portillo a few years ago. Snow was good in Mid August. Try to spend a few days in Santiago great city, big and varied, very industrious people. Try to get in good shape some great skiing in the chutes off Rokka Jack to you left when climbing up hill. When I was there I woould say the snow was like a good/average day at Tahoe. There are a lot and varied skinning treks around, also a Heli that can pic k you up across the Lake after a long day. I for get the name but the lunch up on the hill were great. Tea in late afternoon was also great time to snack, relax and meet some very interesting people from all over the world. I went with NASTC, look them up on net, they may have some pic's etc. posted for August. Any Questions just ask. Have a great trip Pete
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Thanks for the info, Pete. From the sound of it you had a great trip - hope you don't mind answering a million questions over the next month or so as I plan & book the trip

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Just found out: I'll be there on August 25th YAY!!!!!!
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I believe they have a winter break that creates crowds in late July and early August. I heard the best time to go is end of August and beginning of September, which is when I was there a few years ago.

I would suggest going to the TGR website and searching there as well as here for past threads. You should find quite a bit of info on Portillo. "El espirito dellos Andes."
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Thanks, mudfoot. I'll do some more looking around, and start looking more towards late August.
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Going in August 2007. My wife used to teach at Portillo. She has great stories of epic dumps. 11 feet in 11 days one year.
Stays untracked for a long time after a storm.
Truley an international experience.
We will be going with about 16 people, half being ex-Portillo instructors. All great skiers.

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Hi, JGB -

If you type Portillo in the search box on the forums, you'll find a lot o' Portillo postings, including my 2005 report. Here's the link:

Not sure I can answer questions you might have, but I'm happy to try.
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Oops -- that doesn't seem to be the link. Sorry, let's try again:

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