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"Softening ski boots" info wanted

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My partner has been advised by a ski instructor that her boots are too stiff to allow her to lean forward effectively. She only weighs about 115 pounds so perhaps not too surprising.
First I would ask if anyone knows of a competent boot fitter in the Vancouver/Whistler area who could do this properly. Second I would ask for information (for curiosity sake) as to how this is done. Is some material actually removed from the boot or is it softened and streched in some manner?
Thanks for the help.
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I've heard of teflon spray being applied on the interface between the lower shell and cuff to reduce friction and allow more flex, but I'm not sure how much that does. Also, some boots have bolts that lock the cuff and lower shell, which can be removed. Those are two measures that can be tried without permanently altering the boots.

If cutting needs to be done, Usually a V is cut down the spine of the lower shell to allow it to deform more easily, which is what happens when weight is applied against the cuff. You can do it yourself, but make sure you drill a hole at the bottom of your V to prevent cracking at the apex of your cut. Cutting a V can significantly soften boots up without killing rebound.

Other areas that can be removed are the top of the cuff, under where the power strap goes.

Many boots have dotted lines that indicate where cutting should be done.

I tried removing material from the front of the lower shell but that totally killed the rebound. I wouldn't recommend doing this.

You can do everything yourself by heating up a boxcutter and cutting, but I would see someone who knows the boots in question before doing anything. Also, I would cut bit by bit. You can always cut more off, but boot plastic doesn't grow back!
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like DC said, try reversable things first.

is the shelll fit right, if it is too big she is working against the boot as the flex point/ankle point will be too high and forward of her foot

make sure she can flex her ankle anyways... if you can't move your knee past your big toe in shoes you wont be able to in a ski boot

110 pounds = small boot = 2nd buckle from the top might be rubbing to much on the lower boot on flexion. check that

do up the power strap around the liner only, not the shell too.

then start looking at cutting stuff (follow DC info)
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snowcovers in whist and van are might money but do good work...
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be careful spraying stuff on your boots some "lubricants" will eat plastic....but your boots will be softer....
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