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Ski boot help

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I need your advice on ski boots. I currently have one year old Salomon Xwaves that fit ok last year, but seem to have packed out (at least the right one). I was doing ok with it during the last few weeks of hardpack conditions, but hit my first deep powder of the season this weekend and found that they weren't tight enough to my feet...like when I'd turn in the deep stuff, I didn't have a solid turn, my boot fit felt unsteady. I tightened them as much as I could, and still it didn't help. Is this an indication that they are just too big, and I need to get new ones? Is there anything to do with them or just start fresh?
If that's the case, what boots would you recommend I look at for? (all mountain advanced/expert, 6'-5", 210, not too pricey).
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Jef, I'd recommend you go to a bootfitter first off, and let him take a look. They might be able to make adjustments to your boots, or can measure you up for the next pair - I wouldn't recommend a boot to you, cause I can't see your feet!
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yes, width, shape, and arch height (instep) all have something to do with it, for sure...

Also, the pack out you are talking about.....welcome to the world of Salomon Ski boots...lol.....good luck!
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see a fitter, and get ready for them to tell you the boots are 1-3 sizes too big.

shelll fit the next pair at 1cm.
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