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FIS limts vs USSA limits

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is USSA going to start going by the FIS length minimums? In trying to find skis for next season, I'd really like to go on 180 or so GS skis... my current 186s are a bit too big, but I don't know if i can go below 185 for USSA.

same for slalom - are people in USSA staying on 155s next season, or do we have to go up to 165s?

thanks for the info,
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There is a bit of a gray line between ski sizes. I have last years P50 GS in a 183, and my buddy has this years P60 in a 185 (both race stock). We put them base to base, then side by side, and I guarantee they are the exact same size. Evidently Volkl got fis legal by stamping a new number on the sidewall.
Anyway, I wouldn't want to go any shorter than what I have for GS. How much do you weigh?
If they do enforce it, you may have to switch brands so you can find a ski that feels comfortable to you in a 185 length.
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From what I've heard (and sort of tried), K2 and Ficher make the easier skis around. Someone has gone as afar as to say that K2's should be skied 5 cm longer than what would normally be used.

Or you can go for a FIS-legal shelf ski, like Salomon, Atomic, or Dynastar.
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Originally posted by D(C):
From what I've heard (and sort of tried), K2 and Ficher make the easier skis around. Someone has gone as afar as to say that K2's should be skied 5 cm longer than what would normally be used.

Or you can go for a FIS-legal shelf ski, like Salomon, Atomic, or Dynastar.
Not sure about K2, but the Fischers are stiffer compared to almost anything else: the Course 66s, P60s, Rossis, etc. so not sure that makes them easier. They do make a model that is a step down from the top end race ski which has a lower sidecut - that would make them 'easier'.

This shouldn't be a problem but the radius is supposed to be >21m as well. Most are but for example the 2nd model fischers are like 18 or something.
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It's my understanding that USSA is going to adopt the FIS standards fot ski length, turn radius, boot height and stand height for next year. This is what I was told at my Level III TD refresher in November.
I believe they are available at http://www.fisski.com
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ussa will enforce all fis rules for j1-2 skiers for 2004-5. yes you will be able to ski a 180 (only below continental cup) for gs and you will be required to ski a 165 sl. 205cm/33m super-g, 45meter/215cm dh. word is they will finally be checking boot heights at jo's THIS year so if you have 5-8mm's on your boots i'd start grinding on the boot board about now-lol
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From a USSA Publication dated September 26, 2003 . (Sorry. I have no URL link to it on the web.... however, this text is a portion of a document distributed to officials as clarification)

Due to the nature of USSA competitions, considering the scope of abilities, ages and physical maturity, the USSA does not specify competition rules regarding ski length and radius for USSA events.

USSA Competition Regulation "equipment must conform to USSA regulations", this document restates the USSA regulations regarding ski length, ski radius, ski boot thickness and ski/binding/plate thickness.

The responsibility for skiing, training and racing on appropriate equipment is up to the racer.

There are restrictions for side cut and length of skis for all levels of FIS racing (including International Children's and International Masters). Athletes competing in FIS events must compete on equipment that is in compliance with FIS rules.

USSA does not currently plan to institute rules regarding ski length and radius for future seasons. However, this matter continues to be reviewed, and if the need arises USSA will institute such rules.
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As another point of clarification, regional FIS events (Level 3)in the U.S. were not held to stringent compliance with the FIS equipment rules - As Pistonbully pointed out, there will be a call for stricter adherence in the U.S. next year - however this applies to FIS races held in the U.S. below the Continental Cup (Level 3 FIS competitions).

As indicated in the previous post, the international ski length requirements will NOT apply to non-FIS, USSA sanctioned, scored or unscored competitions, nor at this point in time is USSA leaning towards attempting to implement any ski size guidelines.

USSA recognizes the "can of worms" this type of rule would open, and frankly, by not adopting such rules, acknowledges the inappropriateness of attempting to enforce for the myriad of skills and abilities of participating competitors, as well as respecting the variety of levels of competitions that USSA sanctions.
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You should have been at the Spirit Mountain FIS race. They were checking ski length before allowing the kids to leave the finish area.(no protest fees were paid)
There is a huge issue going on in Central over ski length in slalom.(it's easy to check) Since there is a J 2 national meet this year everyone is afraid some kid will qualify on short skis. Some kids who had no chance of going were on shorter skis because they were led to believe it wouldn't be protested as long as they weren't in the top group. As a result a couple kids have withdrawn from Mid-Ams because they can't turn the bigger skis.
I know this isn't USSA but I was told that it was "coming" next year. I understand the can of worms it has become..
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Are there specific ski lengths for kids too? I have a petite high school girl who races.
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again...just got this from the head of ussa. they WILL enforce FIS rules for j1-2 athletes for 2004-5. they may enforce junior 1-2 (j3-4) rules as well.
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let me add...they WILL enforce at all SCORED ussa events.
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the only exceptions for below conti (noram) cup will be the -5cm tolerance for gs sizing and radius changes to speed skis due to a small preperation tolerance.
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That's the way I heard it.
One of my kids is a 100 lb 1st year JII.(who went to Whistler Cup as a JIV) He's not racing FIS any more this year. He can't bend an adult 165 slalom ski.
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Well this is progress isn't it? My daugher races in a high school team. There aren't specs for the skis but since she's thinking about after high school, it looks like the choices are skis she can bend or skis that are legal.
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she'll need a 155 sl and a 180 gs (-5cm's for below noram for gs, most people, obviously). as far as skis she can bend, if she's ready for adult level skis then she's ready for fis level skis. without question smaller people get screwed a bit but you have to suck it up if it's something you're going to stick with. many world cup athletes did, rahlves and meissnitzer come to mind, in fact i have some j3 girls that are bigger than meiss.
if you're a 120lb. boy and you want to be an offensive lineman you either forget about it or work your butt off and do what it takes.
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It's the "ready for adult skis" that's the issue. The minimum weight for most of the skis is 120lb and at 17, she's a little over 100. She's proven she can flex them so she's on adult skis, 150 sl and 160 gs. At 5"2', 180s are really really big. She's not looking for the olympics, just the fun of racing. Looks like she'll be looking for races that are't USSA.
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Thanks for the info Pistonbully, I'd rather know now then after 2 new sets of skis are bought.
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This is going to blow up in their faces regarding the juniors. I just came back from the Pennsylvania finals and the kids who were top ranked were all close to 180 pounds in the J-3 group. Many of the racers (my son included), are lightweights who barely break the 110 pound mark. How they will handle a ski of 180 centemeters is beyond me, especially (assuming that they will be just a tad over 130/140 pounds when they hit J-2), on the tighter eastern trails where the courses are set tight to control speed on narrow slopes.

You are going to see the whole bottom rank fall away and probably quit racing. The big kids will be able to bend and turn but the lightweights will skid and slide unless some very specific (softer) skis are found that they can handle .... but what a learning curve to go through!
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