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EpicSki Academy Daily Diary - Jan 29

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This edition of my diary is delayed due to too many margaritas that night at an Academy Organizers meeting at a local Mexican Restaurant.

Jan 29-
Urged onto the snow outside the day lodge by LisaMarie, going through a little stretching, and the groups were on their way! It's a beautiful day, and after yesterday's powder, they can't wait to get going.
The energy level of each group is still going strong. You can tell by the interaction of the groups, when they start discussing what had been accomplished the previous day.

Nolo and Arcmeister spent the day switching between regular skis and snowblades/ ski boards. Since many academy participants had never been on them before, the response was pretty strong in favor, judging by what we heard afterwards.

My group continued to work in the area of increased precision, and expanding their versatility. Railroad track turns, pivot slips, anchor drills, etc. I worked them hard! And the results are showing! More powerful turns, with less effort. Quicker turns with precision that many thought were beyond their reach. They really worked their butts off!

That evening, LisaMarie, our resident fitness guru, gave a most enlightening session. Though these types of sessions are historically pretty dry, LM was great at keeping everyone involved and working with her! She is just an Energizer Bunny, with so much energy!

Later, dinner was at the wish of each individual. The organizers group had issues to discuss, so opted for Mexican at the Cancun Cafe. Here, Tom Burch was relating how, after a whole day of ripping with his group, at 6pm they ditched him the previous evening to go to HOOTER's for dinner, WITHOUT inviting him. He was pretty bummed.... Our meeting started off productively, but as the margaritas flowed, that productivity declined... The rest can be left to your imagination.

We managed to get back to the hotel, but as you might guess, writing this at that time was out of the question.

With lots of pictures taken, and tons of video shot, I'm sure that much of this will hit EpicSki soon! Keep your eyes peeled.


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Why'd they diss Tom Burch? Is he allergic to boobies?
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ENERGIZER BUNNY!! She keeps going and going and posting and posting... [img]smile.gif[/img]

Seriously, I was amazed at everyone's energy. By thursday, I did not notice any signs of severe burnout. This is a credit to both the coaches and particpants. The pacing of the academy was excellent.

I think many of us learned how to pace ourselves. Often, at about 3:00, 3:30, a few people would be hanging out at the cafeteria. We would be chatting energetically about what we learned on that particular day, but we intuitively knew that we should stop when we found ourselves getting sloppy.

This is a very big chanage for me. I may have the fitness and energy level of a 30 something, but there's no escaping the fact that I have the brain cells of someone who is in fact getting uncomfortably close to 50!

In plain english, this means that about 3:00, I become kind of stupid! {No comments!} Although my body does not show signs of fatigue, my mind stops absorbing input and info. As a result, I get sloppy. So I spend the last hour of the day practicng bad habits. Then I wonder why the first run the next day is usually wicked awful. WELL DUH! :

Others in the academy said that they were learning to ski more efficiently, and were not having the usual aches and paians they usually get after a day of skiing.
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Not all people who are 50 have depreciating brain cells or the propensity to get dead leg at three in the skiafternoon. And, if you didn't kill your brain cells apre ski (like the picture in this forum)shows, your first run might be awesome instead of a bumble.

L.M. you're not alone when talking about your skiing deteriorating around 3P.M. Most everyones does. Not just the fifty somethings of this world. I can tell you and most of the other Patrollers will too, that most accidents happen between 3PM and 4:30PM then at any other time of day. It's a combination of many things but usually, most people push themselves to ski on while their body is saying, I've had enough. "Lets take one more run" ya right! That's the one that will get you every time. It's a proven fact!

Only kidding about the picture. You do look better in the morning don't you? Lars will you shut up?

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