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USA coverage of BC WC?

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Anyone know when or if who will be airing coverage of the Races? I think last year it was broadcasted a week later. I really don't want to miss this. I did search but couldn't find anything.
post #2 of 6 has all but the downhill archived ($5/month subscription required). There is discussion of that here:

The BC downhill is going to premier on NBC December 10th according to:

If you can get through the German registration you can watch the top 3 finishers here:
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Thanks, I signed up at WCSN. I would still like to see on TV though
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Vs. (formerly OLN) is doing a Sunday night "winter sports wrap-up" show during the season, which will show highlights from the World Cup. But it's still drops in a barrel compared to what the CBC, EuroSport and other networks show.

Compared to that, WCSN is really great. And the reason they won't have the Beaver Creek DH until the 10th is due to NBC having first broadcast rights for their "butcher-cast."
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Originally Posted by songfta View Post
Vs. (formerly OLN) is doing a Sunday night "winter sports wrap-up" show during the season"
have they already started this broadcast? i checked the lineup this sun and couldn't find anything (except FIS downhill & slalom at Wengen Switzerland at 2pm??). i'm on comcast in the Bay Area.
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I think that the Vs. coverage won't kick in until January. I can't imagine that it'll be anything substantial, so keep your eyes peeled.

Here's the page showing their full coverage schedule:

So it might be a half-baked season for the old Vs. crew. It looks like they're abandoning the rest of their OLN heritage (save for pro cycling) for more stupid (IMHO) hockey and PBR coverage. But stay tuned: they might do something before too long.
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