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Kayak Fishing

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Anyone here into kayak fishing? I am and it's the reason I haven't skied much the last half dozen years. Before kf skiing was the major player in my life.
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Yep. Where are you fishing and for what?

Late Spring/Late Fall = Kayak fishing

Winter/Spring = Skiing

No reason to choose between the two IMO.
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once caught a 40 lb barracuda from a 30lb inflatable kayak. We like Mexico.
Where do you fish?
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I fish mostly local here in PA on the Susquehanna River. It's one of the best Smallmouth fisheries in the country. I fish mostly for smallies but occassionally catch walleye and if I'm lucky get some follows from some big muskies.

I would like to take some trips to kayak fish in other places like the Indian River Lagoon in Florida for some giant Reds.
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I'm in NJ but I kayak fish all over. This winter I'll split my time between skiing and fishing the south (FL). I plan to take my travel trailer and 4 kayaks for a couple months and then fly to some skiing. I have the Killington pass and in January I'm driving cross country to Tahoe to get my stuff that's in storage there. My brother will join me and we'll ski across both ways.

I agree that skiing and kayak fishing don't normally interfere with each other however I wasn't only a participant in the sport. I started a business to help the sport grow and the business exploded. That seriously impacted my ski time but I've now changed things to give me more time to both fish and ski.

What kayaks are you guys using? I mostly use mirage drive Hobies.
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I use a Wilderness Systems Pamlico for the river and I will be getting a Tarpon SOT as well.

We have a travel trailer as well but keep it at a campground right on the river all summer. Someday we'll do a cross country trip as well. If you are interested in fishing for smallies sometime let me know and you can come down to camp.

Is your biz kayak Fishing Stuff? If so I met your partner on the phone when you guys were just starting to take off.
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Our main boat is an aire sea tiger. It's portable, big, and surprisingly fast with two paddlers.
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I have some friends that use sit ons to fish for large sharks in the Gulf. They take the bait out beyond the 4th sand bar (where the 10+ foot tigers usually are), throw a bucket of chum in the water, and surf the waves back to shore.

I expect one of them to be a Darwin nominee any day now.
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A bit off topic, but if someone can "google this", a few years back there was a story about a retired NYC cop who, after three major heart attacks, bought a real remote beach house with his wife on the Baja.

All he had was a 14' Sears alu boat and every day he would go out for sailfish .... and a Nantucket Sleighride .... he would get towed around for hours. His wife commented that one day soon, he's not coming back, but it makes him so happy.

And yeah ... I love the smallies here in the west Jersey rivers ..... fall and fishing the shallow pools at dusk. An 11" smallmouth is like hooking into a 16" brownie ..... so much fight .... ounce for ounce. I will fully admit to being a "cheap ho" about it too ..... a tiny crawler, drifted on a twig for a bobber with a micro-shot to hold it down and drift it over a weed bed ... :

Three years as a "trout farmer" for the power company took all the glitter & glitz out of trout.
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Yup, that's me, KFS. Matt, I got your PM.

I fish smallies alot. Probably 70% of my fishing is freshwater and I pursue them the most. I have a Res. where I get them up to 20". I do get more largemouths though (4:1) but the smallies are what I'm after. We also get them in the rivers along with pike. I don't do a lot of trout fishing because after spending 4 years fishing Baja and San Diego I was in the Sierras, and all there was were trout. So I got a lifetime of them. Actually I still like them. This late March early April will find me fishing the Lake Erie tribs for steelhead and next summer I plan to hit the upper CT River up in Vermont's NE kingdom for the excellent trout fishing that's there. MY goal in 2007 is to fish a minimum of 150 days and possibly more then 250.

I'd like to join you at your camp sometime this year. One of the things I'm doing is working towards a TV show. We want to get Kayak fishing on the tube in a regular show. That's the next phase of helping the sport grow and develope. I've done the retail thing to provide the access to equipment and gear. I never wanted to sell gear and I don't like retail but I did it to get the attention of the industry. That's been accomplished and now I'm fazing away from that aspect of things. Got strong people in place who want to do it. So I'm free to do what I really wanted to do.
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Originally Posted by icanseeformiles(andmiles) View Post
I have some friends that use sit ons to fish for large sharks in the Gulf. They take the bait out beyond the 4th sand bar (where the 10+ foot tigers usually are), throw a bucket of chum in the water, and surf the waves back to shore.

I expect one of them to be a Darwin nominee any day now.
HAHA! We do that off Isle of Palms and Litchfield, SC...smaller sharks...only I use the kayak to put a large bottom bait 200+ yards out past the bars using a heavy boat rod 6/0. We then place the 6/0 rig in a sand spike on the beach....near the chairs and beer....we have caught and released 4-6 foot Blacktips...yes..folks think we are crazy, esp. at night....

I do troll with my Perception 12.5 Caster along the beach for blues and small sharks....light tackle with a Hopkins or a small Clark spoon....what a wonderful way to spend the morning and get some exercise in....
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