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Pus n' Boots

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Hi everyone, I am a relatively new skiier (about 10 days in the last 3 years). I am skiing blue runs in CO, but would like to take my skiing up a level despite my limited time on the slopes. Towards that end, I am looking to purchase my first pair of boots. Everything I read suggests that this is the next and one of the most important steps. My predicament is that I live in the Kansas City area and I have visited one local ski shop and I was not impressed with their casual approach to boot fitting (plus a very limited selection). There are a couple other local shops, but certainly it is not a hotbead of ski bootfitters.

I am looking for suggestions on how to go about getting a proper pair of boots which fit.

I will be in Colorado next month for a few days skiing, but I am not sure how much time I will have for boot shopping. Should I buy a pair of boots and attempt to live in them; look to take them to a bootfitter or wait to see if I can hit a shop with a better bootfitter in Colorado. Is there any such thing as demo-ing boots through a ski rental shop?

I am curious as to how people have evolved and their suggestions from their first boot purchase?

I am 6'3", 180 lbs and wear a size 10.5 street shoe if that helps.

Thanks for any assistance.
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Try going to Colorado Ski and Golf while in Colorado - they should have enough boots for you to try on.
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During your next trip, kindly ask the Instructors and Patrollers who's the best Bootfitter in town.

Follow that lead and start trying some boots on. Once a pair feels good, try the next size smaller. Sill feel good?...try the next size smaller.

2 words, don't buy them too large(comfy!) or too stiff !

Good luck and have fun!
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