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Killington next weekend?

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Ok, so killington has about 15 trail open now, the same as they had over thanksgiving. Given that it might snow a total of 3-4 inches over the next few days, and it will be cold enough for round-the-clock snowmaking all week, how much terrain can we expect from killington next weekend? In particular, will supestar quad be open, servicing skylark/burst, if not superstar itself? This will be crucial to spread out the crowds that plagued thanksgiving weekend. Anyone have any predictions?
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30.. They will probably blast the bejeezus out of zuperstar I would guess.. I am probably going to go there next weekend just to detune my sharp edges before I head off to CO ..
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Last year I saw lower Superstar go from bare ground to "SHWEET" in 3 days. I'll be there next weekend like I've been for the last few years. It's rarely real crowded this time of year.
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