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Boot fitting after surgery?

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I put on my boots today for the first time since having my foot shredded by the surgeon. It did not feel all that good.

I'm hoping I can wear it more than 5 minutes without it making me crazy. I'll put them on every day, but without a miracle, I won't be skiing normally, or even close to normal. I've got a ticket to ski at Stowe Dec. 15th.

With the boot on, I can only feel a little bit on the outside of my left big toe, and then nothing until the 4th toe. The gap in feeling has me concerned, because I can't really tell when I'm centered in the boot. I noticed when I was walking that I tended to walk on the outside of the boot, like I do walking in shoes because it still hurts to walk on the ball of the foot.

They're feeling pretty tight, too, because even a little pressure gives me some pain. Any ideas to make the transition a little easier? I wanna ski!
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Bonnie,2 yrs ago I broke my 5th metarsal in my foot and now have a screw. I went to the bootfitter and had my boots adjusted. I didn't then (and still don't) have much feeling on the outside part of my foot or the same amount of flex as my other foot. The bootfitter worked wonders and now I ski with no pain (unless my foot gets cold, then the screw gets cold, and then it hurts pretty good). They shaved some of the shell and did something with the liner as well. I would suggest at least going and asking if there is anything that they can do to help.
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A good idea, but I had beautifully fitting boots before this surgery. I'm hoping that it returns to normal with time, but am hesitant about whacking into the most perfect boot I've ever had, then trying to get it back to good again.

I'll look into it. Thanks!
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try wearing no sock

even a small amount of swelling can be noticeable after any injury in a boot that fit perfectly. it probably will go away. if it hurts too much, maybe you are not ready to ski. i couldnt put ski boots on for over a month after a running injury to the foot
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More good advice. No sock.....excellent.
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You also might try one of those pressure socks you put on before getting out of bed. It might compress the foot just enough to fit in the boot and also shield you from some contact pain. But I'd be sure your surgeon agrees with that approach first.
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