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Looking to buy new vises as my old Toko's won't hold the new ski's.

Looking at Tognar catalogue, page 7 World Cup vises, $99.95, Anyone got an opinion? Skis will tune wife and I: Fischer RX9, Atomic Metron B5, Atomic MEX and Bro 179 Soft.

Also is there any connnection between Tognar and Epic etc.

Any better price around etc. Thanks Pete
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Both Slidewright.com & Tools4Boards.com sell the vises and are EpicSki Supporters offering 20% off. The Cinch or Pro500 vises are less cost and will handle your needs. The Cinch can also secure snowboards, touring, tele & skate skis.
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Alpinord, thankyou. Question. the lasso cinch looks good are the supports tall enough for me? I'm building a new work area/bench with a 2x10 wooden board 5 ft long on a special stand I have. Are the tip and tail supports tall enough for me to put the cincher in the middle and pull down? I'm assuming so but thought I'd ask. Thanks Pete
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Alpinord, forgot Q. will this lasso system hold sturdy enough to file edges/base etc.? and do you recomment this over conventional system such as Toko World Cup vises? I've never used the lasso system. It sounds like it would be easier to use etc. Am I right? Thanks Pete
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From one customer: "By the way, I think the ski vise is an awesome product. I can't see why anyone would choose a clamp type device over your design."

I use the Cinch with the Lasso Clamp all of the time and can't see ever needing a side clamping vise again. With variable ski & snowboard widths, sidewall shapes and faster switching from side to base edge work, which is very secure, the Cinch excels in these areas for me. They are also lighter and can be used for other home/shop projects by the lasso's ability to conform to any shape. They secure any ski type or snowboard by attaching to the brakes and/or bindings. You don't need brake retainers either, but can use them if you prefer.

The Lasso Clamp is an extremely economical and versatile solution for those building their own benches. It also allows you to simplify the construction and increase versatility of home built benches....trust me, I've made several and tried all kinds of options.

Here's a review by Lou Dawson @ Wildsnow.

There's more info and pictures at the end of the Terminator Stand auction thread.

Of course, if you or anyone else prefers conventional 'old school' vises we sell those as well.

(FYI for the short run, I only have a couple left.)
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The Cinch Ski & Snowboard Vise

FWIW, I posted a page to show how The Cinch secures skis & snowboards.
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I traced the outline of my boot shell bottom onto a 1/2" piece of oak and cut out the bootprint with a jigsaw. This board was fastened to the end of an 8" piece of 4x4 stock.

The oak soleplate snaps into the binding just like a boot. The 4x4 is held fast in a vice'; but you could use other configurations depending on whether you want to fasten the pieces to a table, saw horses, or whatever. Support each end of the skis with about a 12" 2x4 on edge. I shimmed up a couple of stools to support the tip and tail.

The toe and heel area needed to be ground down a bit in order to clamp into the binding. Use your own boot as a guide. It works great and the whole apparatus was made out of scrap lumber. gordo
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It's amazing what you can do with scrap lumber. I think I'll try your suggestion, Gordo.

I have some old Ski Man vises (vises from the straight ski era) that I now use to secure some supports made from 2x4 and MDL (just what was laying around). They're about 6" long and form a T-shaped cross section (the upright of the "T" is secured in the vise). I glued some rubber non-skid rug padding on the top, and they work perfectly. (I secure the ski at the center with a lasso vise.) Rock steady.

I also took a 2x6 and made an XC ski form by tracing the side profile of the ski and then cutting out the negative space with a jig saw, giving lots of room for the binding area. Glued on the non-skid, and I don't even need to secure them with the binding "bit." I was thinking of making something like this for longer/softer alpine skis, e.g. the AT skis, or the GS skis, to support the tip and tails a little better. Unfortunately, I have the time since we don't have the snow yet.

But, yes, other than the lasso vise, the rest of the stuff was just laying around. And only takes ten minutes to make.
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I can't take credit. I found the idea on here. One of the Bears posted it.

It is so simple in its function, I wonder why it isn't just common knowledge; like locking your skis together with the snow brakes. gordo
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