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Im very excited!

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After completing my exams im am very proud to be a member of the csps-central zone ski patrol.
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Good job. Now the fun starts!
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Kudos to ya.Get your on-hill out of the way as soon as you can,and then the real fun begins.Hope your liver is in shape.
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Ahh well we'l see how strict the bartender is, or only when im in quebec. Im 18.. and yes my liver can handle it lol
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Make sure that you get on a team for your Zone First-Aid Comp.It's a great experience,good way to re-connect with others from yer rookie class too.Who knows,you may even advance to the National First Aid Comp,if all goes well.

Have Fun
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hey canadaski

i also passed on the weekend, who was your instructor?
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chris li was the course coordinator, and the classes were at centennial ski chalet.
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no kidding, I was in the same class.
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So where do you guys patrol?
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Im aleks hoszka
so wait whos ski freak?
Im gonna be at centennial
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