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Best Ski Socks?

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I usually just go and pick up a bulk pack of your average socks, nothing special, and they usually do an average job. However, come winter break from college, I'll be doing a month long ski camp, meaning extra snow time and exposure to cold. I need a couple pairs of extra high performance socks for those extra cold days. I need something that will hold up to extended abuse and still keep me nice and toasty. Any suggestions? What have you found to be the best performers, regardless of price? Thanks.
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Check out
Not all sizes in all styles, but they look pretty good for not much $.
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Ok, let's not start this again. Please check out this thread in the Gear Review section. One sock thread at a time is enough:
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Smartwool Ultralights
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2nd on the Smartwool Ultralights or lights.
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I got some thorlo ultralights for 5 bucks from a ski sale and they are great. Funny thing is I wore them the other day in a ultimate tournament for the first time and a guy I was covering had the exact same socks!
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Thorlos do fine for me
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sierra trading post, cabellas both offer wool/silk blends and top brands at half the prices of most ski shops.
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Pretty much any boot socks will work but I prefer getting something with a little more quality than quantity. I 3rd Smartwool, it's made from wool and nylon which works for me. Another well known brand is Under Armor boot socks which works for skiing also.


I found this article which talks more about ski socks:

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Since someone has to say it...


Depends on how your boots fit.  In my last boots, that I thought were snug, I wore the thinnest smart wool.  Around mid ski season, I would go to something a little thicker as I would lose a bit of weight through the season.


This past season I got boots so snug all I can fit on is a sock liner.


I also think what you're asking for doesn't really come that much from socks as it does from the boot and several other things.  Search here at epic on keeping your feet warm.  There's a thread with a ton of info.


Socks help but ski socks don't have that much material to them.  A good liner, like Intuition, will get you way warmer and is the cost of about a dozen high quality ski socks.

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4th on Smartwool

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I use X-socks. Will be switching to Lenz heated socks next year.

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I got introduced to Darn Tough socks this last spring:

They fit very snugly and do not bunch upwards when putting my boots on. AND: they have a lifetime guarantee. Truly, if you wear them out, they will send you a new pair. They have supplanted my Smart Wool and Icebreaker socks.

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There are tons of good socks. Merino's stink less. Cotton sucks. I use merino's year round for all activities which require socks. The most populous brand is Stoic. 

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I like the Smartwool PHD Race socks (red/black). Pretty sure they're the thinnest socks they produce, but with nicely padded shins.

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Used to be a fan of Smartwool PHD Ultralight but since switched to Fox River VVS LV socks. Best sock I've used and I've tried plenty.
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Big fan of Point 6 socks, started wearing them 2 seasons ago and they are still holding up compared to my Smartwool PHD's.

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Originally Posted by bluesbrother49 View Post

Big fan of Point 6 socks, started wearing them 2 seasons ago and they are still holding up compared to my Smartwool PHD's.

I second Point 6 ultralights - a lot like smartwool, but a little better made IMHO.

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Originally Posted by Singing in the Rain View Post

Thorlos do fine for me


One more for Thorlos, a little thicker than those ultra high performance (thin) socks, but I don't size my boots REALLY tight, so I like that they help fill the little spaces here and there. Since you've done ok with bagged sport socks but want some extra warmth - you'll be fine with these. Get 'em at your local Sports Authority, then you can return without shipping if you don't like the fit.
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