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Trouble getting out of my Look PX-12 Bindings

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Hey guys. I've skied 2 days so far on my Dynastar 8000's with Look PX-12 bindings.

The bindings fit the boots great (VERY snugly) but I have serious trouble getting out of them. When I press down on them with my poles to try to get out, the poles bend/arch quite a bit before the heel piece (whatever it's called) releases. It takes a LOT of force to get them to release. I'm afraid I'm going to break my poles!! I never had this issue with my previous bindings (Marker integrated binding for Volkl AC2).

Is this a "feature" of the Look PX-12 or is there some adjustment that can be made? If so, anyone know how?

Thanks guys!
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Bend down and use your hand. Have you got them cranked up to 12? New-fangled flexible poles?
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No, they're only at a DIN setting of 7. The poles are a regular aluminum Leki pole.

I just wonder if there's an adjustment to make it easier to release.
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They should need more force than Markers (or any other brand actualy). But bending your poles seems a bit much...
Something seems wrong indeed. But I can't tell you what ! Have the adjustment checked.
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Forward pressure:
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There isn't anything wrong, that's how they work. It's a bi-product of lots of elastic travel. Use gradual pressure at a 45deg angle toward the tail of the ski. You are moving the heel piece in an arc instead of up/down as with other bindings. It will feel normal soon.
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Whiteroom nailed it. With these bindings, you can't push downward for release. Think of the heelpiece as a level (which it is) and think of its fulcrum/pivot point. Place the pole tip so that it forms a 90 degree angle (approx) with the heelpiece, then push. It also helps a little if you unweight that foot.

There's nothing wrong with your binding.
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Thanks guys. One other thing - these binding have totally destroyed the carbide tips of my poles. I noticed a little more of the tip chips off each time I am pushing down hard trying to release the bindings
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I have these bindings (scratch 140s) also and I just use my hands. it is so much easier
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All of my older axials bend my poles a little too.

Just torque your heel UP at the same time you push down with the pole. Wha la!!
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Hm very interesting... over the years all of my Look bindings (pivots) have all seemed mushy when clicking in and out. I know that a bunch of folks have complained about that. I hope that Look/Rossi is not messing around with too much.
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