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Todd M - gadgets

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I think you had posted a while back regarding electronic devices.

The Stockli Canada site announced a thinga-ma-bob called "e-coach".

This is supposed to let the coach/instructor let them know when the victim... er student is out of position. Introduced through the VIST arm of Stockli.

I think the site is www.cdnstockli.com <FONT size="1">

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Yuki: Todd has asked me to inform everyone that he is hiking and backcountry skiing in Colorado. Since he wants this to be a true vacation, he is doing it "sans" laptop. He will answer any questions or comments when he gets back. If the board gets overloaded by then, Ill make sure he takes a look at this.
Does sound interesting, though.

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The e-coach is best seen on the VIST site, though the translation is a little odd.
click on e-coach.
I raised this in "What defines a turn?" in technique section. It has taken an odd turn...<FONT size="1">

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