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Chestnut Mtn 12/6

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Hey lower midwest skiers, I will be at Chestnut Mtn on wed Dec 6th. The lift tickets are only $6 this day. I have black Kryptons amd Rossi Z9. Hope to see somebody there.
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I'm trying for the 7-8th.. maybe I'll come a day earlier. How long you staying?
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I'm going on the 8th. Dynastar skis, bright red Nordica boot, gray/blue jacket, black pants, short, silly, quick little turns. Let's take a few runs.
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wont make it till at the earliest the weekend - probably not then. Work has magically piled up in one day, and I think I'm a week behind now! All the storm damaged insurance work is showing up.

Want to see stupid in action? Repair a computer - 5 yrs old. A 366 even.. cost is around $500. New computer.. low end but still better - around $600. Which do you suppose the insurance does??

No wonder premiums are so high on everything...
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