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All Mountain Ski Decision Help

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Hi all, new to the forum. I've not skied much for a few years. My current skis are K2 Merlin Vs in 188. I'm 5'9" and 195#s. I'm 51. When I got the K2s I use to rec. race a lot and they were my GS skis. I loved them and still do but they're more ski then I want to use for all mountain use and they don't really like bumps or off piste. Since I got them I had started a new business and didn't ski much at all. Literally only about 10 times. I just sold the business so I plan on skiing about 25-30 days a season. I have a season pass to Killington and her sister mountains and I'll be heading out west for an extended trip or two. I have lived at ski areas for 12 seasons and have skied as many as 100 plus days in a season. (7 Tahoe, 3 Vail, 2 Killington) I'm a strong skier but getting older. Last season, after my Technica TNTs shattered into about a dozen peices first day out I got a pair of Dalbello Avanti Vcomps and I love them. I have access, through a friend to get Fischer, K2 or Nordica. In Fischer I'm leaning towards the AMCs, I haven't checked much into the K2 or Nordica. I'm heading to VT next week to do some demos. Would love to get any feedback.
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The Nordica Hot Rod line is comparable to the AMC. Eliminator is a little narrower and stiffer and may help out East, but it sounds like you're looking for something different than your older ski. So maybe the Nitrous.

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Vokl supersport 6. The best ski on the planet for you. I am 5' 9" 53 and skiing 48 years now. Demoed a lot the last few years. You can get them on e-bay 168 cm should be great!
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Second the Nordica Nitrous! Super fun ski, very forgiving, handles everything very well (no marketing hype) really an all mountain ski that will work on both coasts.

Call the ski shops that carry Nordica and other brands, most of the people will be skiing the Nitrous. Recommend the 170cm for you. A little more ski is a lot more stable without any effect on turn initiation.

Oh yea, I would suggest you demo anything before you buy
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