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I just wanted to share my experience with a top notch bootfitter in the northeast. I started working with Billy Kaplan (cantman) of Performance Pedorthics last year to address some boot balancing issues. I visited his new shop in eastern PA early today and had an outstanding experience. Anyone looking for boot balancing needs to visit this gentleman....he is at the top of his field .

There are two areas specifically that really set Billy apart from the rest of the pack. First off, he is the only bootfitter I know of who performs a three dimensional analysis of balance dynamics. While most of us are familiar with fore aft and lateral alignment, Billy has a propreitary (patent pending) device that analyzes the natural rotational movement of the subjects foot. While I'm not familiar with the technical terminology (abduction?), think of this as an analysis of whether you feet naturally point out like a duck's.

Secondly, Billy has 3 commercial sewing machines in his shop (one from Italy) that allow him to customize boot liners. He can litterally rip a liner apart and build it back up to perfectly fit your foot. After making some liner modifications he was able to eliminate all of the pressure and pain that I have been experiencing in my instep and over my middle toe . Forget about the old adage that plug race boots have to be simply isn't true. I know of no other bootfitter in North America (possibly the world) who is doing custom work on boot liners to this level.

For those looking to take it to another level, this is the man to see. The shop is about 2 hours west of NYC and definately worth the trip.