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Total Hip Replacement Still Skiing?

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No pity needed here, just the hard truth.
I had a nasty spill that broke my hip so badly
I needed a total hip replacement (28 mm titanium/
cobalt/chrome). The doc doesn't want me to ski
again but I always seem to buck the trend. I am
an avid slalom/GS rec racer and can't bear the
thought of not yelling "single" any more.
Is there anyone out there that knows of or is
skiing with a total hip replacement?
If so, what are the limitations and have you had
any dislocations/revisions?
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Hi Bruce,

I'm just commenting here so others can be informed. As you know, I had a hip replacement 2 years ago and am skiing agressively including steeps, off-piste, and backcountry hiking/skinning. I am in a little bit of a special situation as I have a ceramic on ceramic bearing surface (under a clinical trial) that is expected to show little if any wear even with regular high levels of activity. The ceramic bearing, however, has no effect on bone/prosthesis union integrity, dislocation, etc, which are issues of somewhat unkonwn risk.

I look forward to talking to you soon.
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I have a friend who had a hip replaced back in September. He has been involved in coaching at the local area, his daughter is one of their standouts at age 11 (she WILL be heard from at the national levelin the future) and his wife instructs. Bottomline - skiing is a BIG part of their lives.

I saw him two months after the operation and, although he had a slight limp, I would not have known. We spoke at lenght about it a week ago. He fealt a little week through the ski season although you would not have known it to see him ski. And has gotten on his bike to try to recover more strenght and endurance for next year.

My immediate reaction when I hear a doctor's prescription start with "don't..." is it's time to get another doctor (possibly not fair to your doctor...).
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Cool, Bruce, you found us! I just did a search through my notes and files. There was some research done in Canada and Switzerland a few years ago on this subject. It was found that people could return to alpin e skiing after a hip replacement, if they went through a rehab program first. It was recommended that they avoid short radius turns, steeps and moguls.

Some studies seem to hint that avoiding weight bearing sports may lead to osteoporosis.

Good Luck!
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Welcome Bruce! [img]smile.gif[/img]
I've got lots of connections up in "Wahzoo". Maybe we've crossed tracks?
Our former Patrol director at Tyrol had both hips done. He skis better now than before(smooth and elegant). Hope it works out for you.
I think there's USSA a race schedule for Granite Peak this year. I'll be on the lookout for you.
If you're a "car guy", like a lot of my friends from up there, check out the Alfa Club's hillclimb next weekend here in New Glarus.

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