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Blow Dryers and Hot Wax?

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I was reading on this website somewhere (I can't seem to find it now) about some surelock who was hot waxing his skis using a blow dryer. Apparently it wasn't great for laying a base coat, but was useful for doing a quick layer on top of a good base. Basically, if I understand this correctly, he was crayoning the wax over the top of the base, and then using a blow dryer and a cork to buff the wax in. It seems to me that this could be a convenient way to do a quick touch up in a hotel room when you are away from your bench. I wondered if anyone out there has tried this, and if so, how did work?

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Some years ago (2001 or 2002?) I was in Mont Ste Anne mid-January at -30F and -nothing- I put on would go except Cerax 5, groomed with a hair dryer.

Other than that, ????
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I've used a heat gun at probably higher temperature than a hair dryer on patterned based skis trying to get some flow and became concerned about the focus of the heat and uneven heating. I would think that heating up a metal scraper to distribute the heat more evenly (more like an iron's base) and protect the base may be worth adding to the mix. If the wax is soft enough the cork can actually push wax into the base's nooks & crannies and does create a little friction heat.

Your best option for parking lot/motel/condo touch ups may be liquid wax with a cork.
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I use a heat gun and a rag to "scrape" the fishscales of waxless xc skis. Melt it in, wipe it off.
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Do any of you know whether the current Holmenkol Nanospeed is the same technology as the old Cerax Pro?
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