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Depending on the day, I would be up for a trip.
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As I said before, I'd prefer some of you folks from out of town pick a date. Us locals are there most weekends so it's up to the Bears from Ohio, MD, VA. With this cold snap all terrain should be open within a week. If we're lucky we could get enough natural to ski the trees.

Pick a date.
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Like I said, I'll be there on the 2/18 for sure with the scout troup. If that date doesn't work for everyone, pick another date and I'll do my best to make it to that too.
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2/18 weekend could work for me
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We got momentum for 2/18. I can make it too. Are there any others?
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I'll certainly try to get there. That date is as good as any for me.
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So is this going to be a weekend thing or does anyone want to spill it into the week to lessen the crowds?
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I have a vacation situation I have to manage, so a weekday would be hard. Weekends are better for me.
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2/18 works for me.
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2/18 im there.
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Matt and I are always there.
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If anyone is looking for a hotel, there's a Days Inn in Somerset with a AAA rate of ~$42/night (Saturday's rate is $47) that includes a full breakfast.
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Maybe 2/18. Its to early to tell for me.
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Me and Marcus Treebarker will be there on the 18th, perhaps a few more of varying ablity too. Pierre, can you contact cgieb? Anybody hear from Ott lately. I saw a post a while back.

I'm thinking Blue Knob next weekend if they get anymore natural. Maybe a road trip to Denton, who's in?
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Is there still interest in doing this. I'm looking forward to skiing at 7S on the 18th. I talked to someone who just spent a week there and said it was really good.

FYI, the scouts decided to do the twilight ski, so I will be there in the afternoon/evening and I can catch up with everyone at lunch break.
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Mike, you know that the 18th is President's weekend? It's going to be crowded. Having said that, if more Bears are willing to show, I'll come out to play also. I made a post over DCSki and there is an interested party there. Tormano will probably there too.

Who else is interested, Pierre, telerod, comprex, are you interested?
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Interested... if I can get a ride. Anyone want to share the cost of a rental car?
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I did not realize that this was Presidents day weekend. I doubt we will get a discount on Sunday?
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Good question, Pierre. Perhaps Taylormatt can answer that. I've not taught for a while so I haven't asked for the PSIA discount.

Hey comprex, telerod needs a ride. How 'bout some other DC, MD folks, anybody coming, can you give telerod a ride?
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BatGirl and I are still planning to make a long weekend* out of it; there's some fun stuff scheduled for the front side Saturday?

Transport way uncertain at the mo' (in shop for engine work).

Rental car might be interesting if schedules jibe? That Malibu S/W sure was comfy.

(*Day's Inn Somerset Sat. Sun. Mon. 814 445 9200)
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I just saw this now. Feb 17/18/19 we have a big family gathering, so I am out. Matter of fact all weekends in Feb. are busy for me and then it is to the Florida strawberry festival in Plant City. Ann is done for the season with her bum knee. But I'm sure you guys will have a great time, especially with Pierre <grin>.

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Ott, nice to see you back on Epic, I was beginning to worry about you. I'm sorry to hear of Ann's bum knee. It looks like I'll miss the chance to meet you this season. Here's hoping next season will be different. Perhaps March may be a possibility. I'll PM you a post I made concerning some old equipment I own from Germany. Maybe you can tell me something about them.
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Yeah - I know it's Presidents Day weekend. We picked that weekend to use Monday as a travel day to come home. (What were we thinking?) I KNOW it will be crowded. Sometimes ya' just gotta take what you can get.

Ott - sorry you can't make it. Maybe next year. Hope Ann gets better too.

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I might be able to do 2/18. I will have to take it easy. I would come out Sat night and come back Monday.
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Originally Posted by Pierre View Post
I did not realize that this was Presidents day weekend. I doubt we will get a discount on Sunday?
AFAIK, every Sunday is 1/2 price for PSIA members. I would call 1-800-452-2223 ext 4000 and double check that date just to be sure.
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I'm gonna try -- but won't know fer sure until closer to the day.

Gonna have to FIND my gear - haven't been on it since last Feb.
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Ok, Who's in and when do we meet. I propose for an early meet at the Foggy Goggle at 8:45 to 9 am for early arrivals.

Where and when for mid-day meet ups?

Anybody want to exchange cell#, please PM.
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PM Sent
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Probably not for me. Unless someone wants to do a day trip from greater DC and split car fare. Leave 4ish and return whenever. PM me.
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Tim, I will not be able to be there at 8:45 I will be busy getting the hill set up. Give me a call later in the day and I will hook up with you. If not you know where to find me.
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