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I heard from the family. 7-Springs is sure sounding prime!
Well Seven Springs opened the front side on Friday so we went for a little while yesterday with Ken and ran into Mark too. It wasn't bad for early in the year, but if you really are going to ski, don't bring your powder skis.
A look at the weather forecast is not encouraging. It appears PA is going to be too warm for any snowmaking, and occasional rain with warm temps could be a knockout punch for Christmas skiing. We'll take a look as the time grows closer.
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Warm temps through Dec. 20. is forecasted. Amount of rain is the wildcard in this dismall forecast. Seven Springs on Sat. thought next snowmaking event would be 12/20. If this is correct , the quality of the skiing on the 23rd will be a function of if they can make snow day and night. If they can go around the clock, I've witnessed miracles. They have alot of snowmaking HP, and if conditions are right can recover quickly. But, it's disappointing none the less that we endure another interruption in getting winter going here.
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Trust me, that is the BIG MONEY WEEK, we will have snow.
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North face Open Today. Right down the middle.
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Getting on the plane tomorrow. The big question: is it worth packing skis?
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Temps will be dropping so snowmaking will start back up this week. I don't know what the 23rd will be like but later in the week might be better. They're still skiing the frontface and one strip on Northface was open but has since closed. Let's see if Taylormatt or SpringsRegular see this before you head east. Matt is there full time and should give the best report. 7Springs snowmaking system is really amazing, a few good nights will have the entire front refreshed and the Northface well on its way.
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Finally the temps are dropping today! Down to 43F as I type this. Current conditions are basicly soft wet slush on all the currently open front face trails. Temps are dropping later thias week and it will all freeze rock hard. The good news: avalanche and northface slope still have reasonable ammounts of snow but are closed becuase of large bare spots. IMO, they could patcht em up with one nights snow making. Still the base is getting really thin. I am sure 7S will be doing everything they can to open as much terrain as possible for Xmas wekend and the holiday week.
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
Getting on the plane tomorrow. The big question: is it worth packing skis?
I love it when it's warm and melting. Sounds like it might firm up, but new snowmaking should keep it from being horrible.

The key to skiing this region is not to try to second guess conditions. You never know for sure, JUST DO IT! If you wait for what you think are perfect conditions, you will only be on the hill when it's very crowded and very icy. High traffic will push off/pack down all the "perfect snow". Of course there are exceptions to prove this rule, but the bottom line is; go if they are open.
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Cirque, if you read this before you leave...bring 'em. 7S can perform miracles with a few nights of cold weather and there's a chance for that cold weather.
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I have landed, and have skis that are generally retired from Western use.

Pretty much anytime this week. Seems cold outside, but then again, I'm a Californian.
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I can be talked into coming to the springs once the make some snow.
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I will be up on Saturday for sure. I can be talked into drinks Thursday night I am sure.
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What's the plan? Is Saturday the only option? I'm free mid-week all of next week if there's any interest meeting then.
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I am here all week. I wanted to road trip tomorrow but the only good option (huntah) is 7 hours away.
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I'm not a pass holder so I pay as I go. I'd prefer to wait until the rest of the mountain is open. If terrain is limited and rates are still reduced, I'll be tempted to ski with the family again. Wagner and the front is plenty for my son and my daughter too if she decides to board.

Perhaps we can get back to planning a meeting a little later this season. Pierre said he can't make it this coming week and I'm sure that Christmas week is out for a lot of folks. Let's pick a date in January or February.

Tromano, since you're there most weekend's, I'll PM you when next I go.

Telerod, are you still interested in getting together a Blue Knob gathering?

Comprex, what works for you?

Phil, are you still interested in making the trip here? What dates work for you?

Powdigger, SrMike, cgieb and the Ohio folks, when can you make it over?
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Cirquerider brought his skis, show him a good time. If the terrain is too limited, you should all rent snowboards or tele skis to make a mountain out of the molehill.

I'm out of town this weekend but I'd like to hook up with the mid-atlantic bears sometime. Blue Knob, Seven Springs, where ever. If my feet weren't messed up, I'd say let's hike Laurel after a big dump.
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
....If my feet weren't messed up, I'd say let's hike Laurel after a big dump.
Hey, heal those feet and let's do some bootpacking. Man, you're gonna make me cry.
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I'm out for anything this week. I've got requests lined up 10AM to 6PM from tomorrow until Jan. 7th.
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Looks like the snowmaking won't take place until 24-25? Rain is heading in later this week lingering in for the weekend. I think the weather should cooperate for snowming Christmas through New Years though. Its a shame we have had this prolonged warm and now wet weather after a decent opening. I will probably ski Sat. unless its a heavy rain event. I skied this past Sat. morning for a couple of hours. Where they groomed was probably as bad as you can get with golf ball like chunks. The ungroomed was actually much more skiable. We need to get a cold weather trough forming soon. Its way over due.
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Uh, guys? I'm not impressed yet.
But I did find a beer distributor that sells Sierra Nevda Pale Ale and have an old friend who runs the local State Store where they have great California wine. Seems to me, the only things you don't import from CA are mountains and snow.

I'll try to slide down something besides a bar stool, but the weather is not cooperating.
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Originally Posted by Laurel Hill Crazie View Post
Powdigger, SrMike, cgieb and the Ohio folks, when can you make it over?
The 23rd is a bad date for me, snow or no snow. 1/28 I also have a prior commitment; however I will skiing Hidden Valley on Sat., 2/17 and 7S on Sun. 2/18 with our scout troop. (I don't have to ski with them all day though. ) Other than that - throw out some dates and I'll do what I can.

Pray for hero snow!:
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Need motivation

...and this weather certainly isn't making me feel either 1) Christmas-y or 2) Ski-ish.

I've been working my patootie off in the Pediatric ICU this month (150 hours in 11 straight days), but now I've got a 6-day Holiday break.

If it would do SOMEthing besides rain, I might be persuaded into an afternoon on the hill, but otherwise I think I'll stay home and sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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If the weather forecasts are accurate, it looks like skiing will start to improve on 27 through New Years. Night time temps looks cold enough for consecutive days of snowmaking. Hopefully!
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Cirque...PM me and I will get you hooked up with a freebie. I mean for gosh sakes I cannot in good faith have you pay to ski on Saturday. I will be the Saturday. I do not have requests unless someone gets hurt and asks for me I should be able to free ski a bit and I know Tromano and Mrs T will be the re. T.....PM me for my cell so we can get together.
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Springs, I have your cell number from a previous PM and left a message. The best turns tomorrow will be on the bar stools at the Foggy.

Seriously, have you looked at the conditions reports and web cams?

Meanwhile, my work here is nearly done...Its been nuking in Tahoe.
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7-Springs was skied today and we made the connection with SpringsRegular and Tromano. Hopefully we'll have a few more days. Thanks to SpringsRegular for the hookup, and a trip report to come.
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I look forward to seeing that TR!
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I'm looking at Wednesday perhaps with the entire clan but that won't keep me from skiing with the Bears for some runs.
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With cold temps back in the forecast for the next 2 weeks, is it time to resurrect this thread? FWIW, I will be there on the 18th of Feb.
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Anyone out there interested now that cold temps are back and 7S is making snow?
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