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Seven Springs Bears gathering

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I don't see a thread on this yet so I will start one. I just want to get a few of us thinking about selecting a weekend in January and a rain out in February for the Seven Springs bears gathering.
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Alright Pierre, I'm glad someone is picking up the ball and running with it. I missed yunz guys last year due to a sudden illness. Meeting the Bears at 7S is always a season high point.

I should be good for any weekend, just pick a date and I'll be there. Sundays are a little less expensive and usually less crowded. PSIA discounts are available on Sundays also, not available on Saturdays.

Perhaps we should shoot for February instead of January? I don't know if any regional Bears are headed to the Aspen ESA, it maybe a consideration. I should be at 7S Saturday Feb. 3 leading a Cub Scout Pack outing so I doubt I'll have much time for myself but the next day is open as is the rest of the month.

The Springs should be open next weekend, good snowmaking weather all week. I won't be surprised if the Northface is open too.
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Pick a date and I will try to make it. Sunday is best since my daughter is in guard and they compete most Saturdays mid-Jan through March. I am planning to be at Hidden Valley on Feb. 17th and 7S on the 18th with the boy scouts working on Snow Sports Merit Badge. (That doesn't mean I can't make a different date.) I still have the vintage, orange Olin Skis poles if I remember to bring them too.

Oh - Sunday Jan 28th is out. I will be at Perfect North with the scouts on that date.
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If my knee is holding up, I will try to be there. My daughters birthday is the 13th and sons is the 14th, so those days would not work.. The end of January would best for me..
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I intend on being up at 7S every weekend excepting those when I am somewhere else. Looking forward to it.
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I'm going to be there for the holidays. If a gathering works any day from 12/20 - 27 inclusive, lets pick a date and do it. Nothing like the holiday to force some tight turns.
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OK, let's have a mini here in December. How does Saturday the 23rd sound?
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I'm in. Yinz got ta go easy though; I don't ski much blue ice.

BTW, do you use a FRS radio channel to get together? Might help in view of the crowds.
What is the usual meeting place?
Do they drink beer in PA?
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
Do they drink beer in PA?
WTF else is there to do here?
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23rd sounds good.
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I carry a radio but not one you can get me on

You have my contact information and I have Matt's. I am sure I will hookup with you before the 23rd. As far as beer, while you are in the area make sure and try some Penn Pilsner. If you like Sierra Nevada (I think you do) you will like it.

As far as everyone else goes, how about the Foggy Deck. You will recognize me, I will be on Bro's and wearing a cross on my back. 11:00 work?

Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
I'm in. Yinz got ta go easy though; I don't ski much blue ice.

BTW, do you use a FRS radio channel to get together? Might help in view of the crowds.
What is the usual meeting place?
Do they drink beer in PA?
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I look forward to meeting those I missed last year on 23.
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Dang, now what do I do. I was planing on going to Florida on the 22nd. I have to go and do some minor repairs and routine maintenance on my boat. Might have to delay and stop at SS on the way.
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Prolly not enough ice for you yet
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Dunno, maybe.
Would be the first day on skiis for the season if I can make it.

I'll know better closer to the time.
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I might be up for the Sunday portion. i would head out Sat night, if there was a place for me to crash Sat night. Do not plan for me, but if I can, I will.
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This is really coming along.
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I'll be skiing somewhere in the Mid-Atlantic that Sat., so it may as well be there.
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Unfortunately, I will have to mis the 23rd this month. I will try to make it to a Jan date if possible. (The 28th is out. I'll be @ Perfect with the Boy Scouts)

BTW, I will be at Perfect tomorrow 9:00 - 5:00 and MRM on Saturday from 11:00 - 4:00.
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OK folks, what are we looking at, Saturday Dec. 23 meet on the deck or in the Foggy Goggle? What time? Early morning crowd at 9AM and regroup agian at the same spot at 11AM?

Does this mean no gathering later in the season or are we still looking for a date in January?
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January, pleeze.
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We can do both! Do not see why not.
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Would Blue Knob be another thread? Weather permitting.
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Oh yeah, do both. Let the folks coming a distance pick a date. We locals will probably be there anyways.

Telerod, I hope we can get a Blue Knob meeting together too but I'd save that for a good snowy weekend. I think some A-hi-a Bears will be surprised by terrain at Blue Knob when there's a decent natural snow pack.
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I skied today. Got there around 9:30, got on the slopes by 11. Skied a good 10 - 15 runs.

Tyrol, Wagner, Stowe, Stowe Trail, Cortina, Upper Phillips. Fawn and Santa's Beard Park were open. They should have Avalanche by tomorrow and they were starting to blow on N Face. With the warm weather that is coming over the next 10 - 12 days I think that they will concentrate on building the base on the front before they go hog wild on the back.

As for the skiing it was pretty darn good for opening day on mostly man made snow. Skiers left of Wagner was money. Stowe was good also. I stayed away from Tyrol, they were blowing snow on it, and I do not ski in guns unless I have to. I am not a park rat but they had a few rails and a picnic bench along with a small table top in the park. The kids seemed to be having fun. They have a dedicated park crew this year for the first time I believe so the parks may be better than ever.

Crowds were more than I expected. While there was no wait for the lift most chairs on the six pack and on Cortina had folks on them.

The new lift for the condo's is not done as of yet. They strung the cable yesterday so it may be ready soon.
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Any date between Feb 9 and March 28 and you can count me in !

I'd love to meet and ski with some of y'all / yunz /yous guys. (I'm almost between addresses and trying to learn all the languages.)
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Only if you don't complain about skiing with hemroids.

Did you get moved to Corinth yet?
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Originally Posted by SrMike View Post
Only if you don't complain about skiing with hemroids.
I never COMPLAINED about that

I should be in the area in early Feb.
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December is no good for me..I will be in Vermont. Let me check the January date and see if it is an issue with the SIA on snow.
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Guys I think the 23rd of December is out for me. I have to go the wrong way to make it work.

I am with Uncle Louie. My bump clinics are on weekends this year and go from the second week in Jan to mid Feb.
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