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Conundrum Hot Springs

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When I went to Conundrum in the Maroon Bells above Aspen years ago there was a cabin beside the hot springs, does anyone know if it's still there? I recently saw some photos on the web and didn't see any cabin, maybe just outside the camera view or did it burn down or blow down? Definitely a cool place for alpine touring! Any one been there?
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I haven't been in a few years, but it was still there in then. I had a friend that was a forest ranger that would sleep in the cabin all week, then come to Aspen for the weekends.
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I did an Outward Bound course in 1966 and spent a half hour soaking.... no more cause you couldn't soften your feet, hiking boots were killers back then.

There was nothing in the area .... no road, no highlands project. I only saw ONE other person the entire month and he was tending sheep.
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