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Teaching an old dog new tricks: Choosing first skis

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First time user....should be plenty of mistakes

Male, 175 lbs, 5'9, skiing for about 5 seasons with about 7 days skiing each time. Not exactly the best credentials for placing a post, but here goes....

Skiied for the first three years west coast Canada, and then Europe.
Conditions I have faced have been awe-inspiring powder in Canada to almost bare grass, to a virtual ice-sheet. So, have seen some varied terrain.
I have a basic pair of Head skis, which I purchased 2 years ago after being fed up of being given chewed-up rentals.

I'm looking for my next set of skis. I would consider myself a fairly good intermediate, looking to improve my technique.
The ones I have seen - and I am currently getting an amazing deal on - is the Fischer AMC 73 (164 cm), with FS10 Railflex 2 bindings.
Any news/reviews/recommendations would be much appreciated.

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Ravenelli, welcome. You don't need credentials to post, and I think you'll find this community covers a wide variety of interests and abilities. It sounds like you are looking for a ski to meet a wide variety of condiitons. First things first; I'm going to point you to our gear FAQ You mostly covered the questions we need to know to make a recommendation, but answering the following would help, especially where you ski.
    • Where you ski. Name the general geographic regions, the resorts you frequent, the slopes, pistes, and regions of the resorts you enjoy, talk about the conditions you most enjoy and those that you tend to avoid.
  • Talk about other skis
    • Mention skis you've enjoyed
    • Skis that you own that you will keep in your quiver
    • Skis that you own that you will be replacing with the new ones
    • Skis that you have enjoyed in the past
    • Mention skis you have not enjoyed
If you are skiing out west quite a bit, I think you might be happier on a wider ski, like the AMC79, but it kind of depend whether you want to spend most of our time on piste doing carving type turns, or if you will venture off piste into trees and softer ungroomed snow.
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Hi Cirquerider,
Many thanks for posting a reply. My first one!!!

I'm trying to cover the most amount of terrain, and really enjoy being in Canada (have not tried the US yet), prefer this to Europe so far.
In Lake Louise / Sunshine, skiied down some freshly groomed runs and it felt amazing. I would love to ski powder properly, have not yet mastered the technique. Ice can be fun, but hard work (not a favourite). I hate to ski on narrow runs. Looking at the chart, I would place myself as 5, maybe 6 (if I am flattering myself)...

I have not had the chance to demo any skis in particular, and do not have any personal favourites. I also require a one-ski-fits-all, ie one quiver to my bow.

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I'm kind of in Ravenelli's boat. New forum member, too. Have skied for may years, but not that many "days" if you know what I mean. However, I did quite a bit of skiing (for me) in the mid-to-late 1990's (roughly 10X per season) and still own a pair of K2 Merlins from that vintage. Looking to upgrade the boards. I am thinking possibly Fischer RX8, Nordica Afterburner, or Metron 9 -- all in the 170 cm range. These might be good options for Ravenelli, too. (Although he seems to have a deal going on the AMC's.)

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Cascades at this point in your skiing career any of those skis would be fine for both you and Ravenelli. Pick the one that you can get the best deal on. Then take your savings and use it on a lession or two.
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Hi All,
Well, I took the plunge and opted for the Fischer AMC 73's. This has probably been the most inspired decision I have taken in my skiing experience to date .

The skis are a dream, cutting through both powder and ice. They love to glide, and wear the name of All-Mountain Cruiser (AMC) very well. I was in France, La Plagne, two days after a dump of snow and these skis performed excellent. Due to my lack of skiing, I was usually the last of the group to get down the hill...now, I'm beating them all hands up.

This ski may not be particularly good in the moguls, but hey - I'll get used it. Recommened.
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