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Jr Slalom Ski Advice

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Our 14 year old (gal) is racing second year K2 this year (equivalent to US J3).

She is 135 lbs at 5'4", racing at the club level.

Last year she was on Atomic SL:11s at 144 (Jr Version). I have an option on a pair of Atomic Sl:9s at 150 (Adult Retail version). They are 2004/05 skis with a device binding.

Her current GS skis are Nordica GSJ at 161

Two questions:

1 - Your collective thoughts on the appropriateness of the SL:9 for a junior racer of her weight.

2 - I prefer the Neox binding which she has on her 144s. Will the Neox work on the 2004/05 SL:9?

Thanks in advance.
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Much of this will depend on where she want's to go. By "club level" I assume that you mean she is not in the Canadian version of the USSA?

If she is going to be in sanctioned points races, you will probably be holding her back from development and the progression to "legal skis" ... refer to Deb Armstrong and her comments on the issue of juniors.

I am not familiar with the Atomic line but generally, at 135 pounds she could probably handle the ski. My son is a 16 year old and has actually ditched the softer skis (race stock) .... Stockli and Fischer and has taken well to the newer and much stiffer Fischer SL and GS. He is only 150 pounds.

The big factor (questions) .... what level of development she is skiing at .. and .. where she intends to go with this. Some kids have the ability to run on "adult" and race stock skis ... some don't .... weight is not the only issue.

Another issue that comes to mind, will she run GS on these SL's? Will they hold up under the higher speeds of GS on an icy course? Many of our J-3's were continuing to run SL's in GS events despite the drawbacks because they were fun ... easy to turn .. It was more akin to the first weeks of taking away the pacifier when they were forced to change to real GS skis.
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It's really hard to give serious ski advice w/out seeing your child ski.

The advice I would feel comfortable with is suggesting a dialogue with her coach to determine what she should be on. Also, if you call a reputable shop they should be able to answer your questions and put you in touch with an Atomic rep.
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