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Hello All. This is my first post but I have been reading here for awhile and I first just want to compliment all those who provide great info to people like me.

Let me fill you in on my situation. I am 18 i have been skiing for the better part of my life. And by skiing, i mean going to Mountain Creek in NJ for around 8-10 times a year and making one trip out west once a year if I am lucky. I have always rented skis, usually for the season. This year I am looking to buy new skis. I am planning on skiing up the east cost for the majority of the winter, but am also spending some time at Vail and some mountains in WA. I consider myself an Advanced skier (I ski anything).

I am looking for a ski that works great on groomers, but can also go off piste out west and control well. Basically, a good all mountain ski. These are the models I have been looking at:

k2 Apache Recon
K2 Apache Commanche
Salomon X-Wing Fury
Salomon Scrambler
k2 Apache X
Nordica SUV 12.1

Price is a bit of an issue, but I am going to get them off Ebay anways so I should be able to get them cheap. I bought Technica Venta 8 boots a while ago (a few months).
Sorry for puting you through this very long post! Your help is appreciated - thankyou.

p.s (I am 5'9-190)