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Good crud ski

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Want new skis for crud / slop etc in northeast/ ski on RC4 165, Omeglass 63 157, VR 17 165, love the Omeglass on hard icy snow but get tired of it in the wet sloppy conditions we had most of last winter, this years forecast is similar here in northeast. Demo'd the Head Monsters, vokl supersports, fivestars,etc last year and wasn't impressed.
I am 5-7" 150lbs x racer 50 yrs old ski 40 days +- at Bristol Mountain, Whiteface, Gore.
Vokl AC4 looks interesting, almost sold out here now and we don't have snow yet is this a good crud ski and is 162 too short? I don't need another slalom or carving ski, any other suggestions would be appreciated.
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First the AC4 feels/skis more like a wide carver rather than your more typical western crud buster like a Rossi B3 or Dynastar 8800. Having said that, for your application it is probably a good choice. I'd say that the AC4 in 163 might be OK if you are looking for something with the feel of a really short GS ski. Other skis that you could consider are the top Nordica mid fats including the Top Fuel, Afterburner, and Jet Fuel. The AB and JF are softer in beam flex than the AC4.

The difference between all the ones that I mentioned and the more typical western oriented ski is that the Volkl and the Nordies are built with a lot of hard snow technology. They are typically firm in beam flex and torsional flex and have a lifted binding system. They are also fairly heavy and loaded with dampening technology as well. The western skis are typically a bit softer in all dimensions, generally lighter and more nimble, and are often sold flat.

Volkl has been sold out of AC4's for some time and Nordica is sold out of TF and JF. The stock on shelves is all there is. If you are interested in one of the Nordies, I can help you out a little on the price, but I can't do anything on the Volkls.

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SX11 or 12 should work well.
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Thanks for the feedback, I'm thinking I will pick up the AC4's they seem to be popular enough and should be a big change from slalom skis, the flex appears to be much softer than anything I have ridden which I like to think would help in soft, wet,snow. Some afternoons I switch to a board and cruise on an Arbor Element, way easier on the old legs!
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You did not say which Head Monsters you tried? I ski on a pair of monster 77's and they are a great crud ski. The monster 82's have also recieved great reviews and may work better, especially if you like race type skis. There are several really good skis for crud, just personal perferance.
Good Luck
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