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Hi Mr. Spindrift,

I don’t mean to hijack this thread but…….can you or your boys comment on the differences between the ’05/'06 and ’06/'07 version of the Mantra? I skied a friend’s ’05 Mantra last year and loved it. I just purchased the ’06 version and the Volkl website says the ’06 is stiffer than the ’05. A lack of snow in CA has kept me from finding out if that is marketing hype or a true description. Any thoughts?


OK, here's the word from "the man".


squaretail is a Volkl guy who should know.

As reported above, my kid has skied both model years (different days & conditions though) and said he did not notice any meaningful difference in how it skied one year to the next - just loves the ski.

There you have it...
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Well if squaretail is correct, then I did go the right direction. They sure felt stiff when I tried to flex them, and that was part of my decision to go with the shorter length. Thanks for that link
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I believe that every ski manufacturer measures the length of their skis differently. Some go purely from tip to tail while others only measure surface contact area.

For example my 176 Armada AR5's are actually longer than my 177 Karmas and Mantras (by about 1cm). I believe that Armada is measuring the actual contact area while Volkl is measuring tip-to-tail (but that is just my guess after putting the skis next to one another).

Recently I stumbled upon some old Volant McG's that said they were 183 in length. I put them next to some 185 K2 Recons and they were about the same length.

So I think it all depends on the company and how they decide to measure the length.
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I put my review in the review forum. Overall, happy with this ski!
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